Chemo Angels.

Laura Armstrong.

How Chemo Angels came to be...

People always ask how Chemo Angels came to be. Let me tell you a bit about myself, and how it all started. I am a 
stay-at-home mom. I have three sons; twenty-three, twenty-two, and nine years old. I have hated cancer ever since 
my beloved father died from pancreatic cancer 19 years ago. 

I started Chemo Angels in memory of my father after meeting a woman who was going through chemotherapy 
treatment for breast cancer. I asked for her postal address and started sending her cards and small gifts every week. 
After her treatment was over, she thanked me effusively and said that she considered me her "chemo angel". Eureka! 
The light bulb popped on over my head! Chemo Angels was born! We have been growing at a rapid pace ever since. 
 I love the fact that I can administrate Chemo Angels from my little office in my home in the mountains! I feel as if I have 
finally found my "ministry", and it is perfect for me! I thank God for allowing me to do this, and give Him any glory that 
may come out of it! 

Laura Armstrong

PO Box 1971, Julian, CA  92036

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