Gerry Carty.


Hi Everyone, my name is Gerry and I live on the outskirts of Glasgow, me and my wife Mary run our own spiritualist 
church and Iím also a working spiritualist medium serving west central Scotland. 

Losing a love one can be the most difficult times one can have in their lifeís and being a medium doesnít make it any 
easier, mainly because the physical presence isnít there, I remember when my mother died, way back in í88 and dealing 
with grief and all the emotions that goes with it.

Years later I discovered the internet and I decided to start my own memorial website, Voices from Heaven, so that anyone 
can create their own memorial for their loved one, add condolences, upload their photo or even favourite song, itís all free, 
just register for a free account and log in with your username and password and you can create as many memorials as you 
wish, we get a lot of spam and thatís the reason for registering, to cut that out.


 You can even light a candle for a loved one†and donít even need to register for that, Itís not the fanciest website out 
but I donít believe in taking any money from†peopleís grief unlike most other memorial websites.

So visit our site at:-

If you have any ideaís or suggestions for the site then please let me 
know and If you have your own website then I would be too glad to exchange links.

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