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We're immensely proud of the fact that so many people come to us from all across the United States and Canada. Many believe it's because we consistently have the best success rate. Others, because we have the most comprehensive services available in North America. Some think it's because all our services are free of charge. The real reason is simpler than that. People come to us because we know that a guide dog/human team is about much more than "mobility."

We create a truly unique partnership between two beings. A collaboration that enhances the individual potential of each partner. Where the dog and the person have better lives together than either would have apart.

Our unique program is equal parts match-making, intensive training, and lifetime support. Students have access to instructors, counselors and veterinarians, a full-time nursing staff, a dedicated dormitory staff all of whom attend to students' needs in order to make their stay pleasant and enjoyable. Also, unique among guide dog schools, we offer follow-up services to each graduate of our program at their home or place of business for the lifetime of their guide dog partnership.

Guide Dogs for the Blind is supported entirely through private donations. Everything we do—from transportation to room and board, including training and all our support services—is free of charge to the blind or visually impaired student.

Renae Goettel and Ultima

At 23, Renae Goettel has already overcome more obstacles than most people encounter in a lifetime, but she isn't letting "a little thing like blindness" stand in the way of her dreams. "If I had to live my life over, I wouldn't change a thing," she said. "As difficult and frustrating as blindness can be sometimes, it's kind of how I got where I am. Without the challenges, I don't think my attitude about life would be the same. I really like my life now, and I like who I am." She also likes her new partner, Ultima, a mellow little (just 52 pounds) black Lab Guide Dog. Read more of Renae's story here.


Ed Daniels and Gracious.

For more than 30 years Ed Daniels lived his dream. Like a medieval troubadour he traveled the world playing music. From Germany and France to Japan, Korea and most countries in between, Daniels entertained at nightclubs, casinos, hotel bars and colleges. "I played everything from heavy metal to country," he smiled. "Whatever paid." During that time he'd been able to control his diabetes, but in 2001 it struck a mighty blow. It was Christmas Eve morning and he carefully woke his wife. "I don't want to startle you, Patty, but I can't see a thing." It had only been nine months since the first inkling something was wrong with his vision. During that time doctors operated 11 times but nothing worked. He hasn't seen more than dark and light since that fateful day. Read more of Ed's story here

Peggy Brown and Marlette.

When I mistook my sweatshirt for our pet dog, I knew it was time to get my vision checked. A visit to the ophthalmologist's office confirmed my fears—I was losing my vision. I was devastated. I would not know until much later, that the worst day of my life would one day lead to the best—the day I met my Guide Dog, Marlette. Read more of Peggy's story here

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