Hafod Primary School Swansea

Children’s World in Unity Assembly


  On Monday 21st March 2011, the Board of Trustees for Peace Mala visited Hafod Primary School in Swansea for a very special 
World in Union assembly to celebrate diversity and equality. This was followed by a tour of the school.

Pam Evans, founder of Peace Mala, had been telling the trustees of Peace Mala about Hafod School for years. Monday’s visit 
was the first time for them to actually visit the school. Norma Glass MBE (Company and Charity Secretary for Peace Mala) has 
visited hundreds of schools over the years and had to comment that she was totally blown away by the amazing assembly 
and the vibrancy of everything that is taking place in the school. 

The assembly moved all of the trustees to tears... the singing, the dancing, and the delivery of messages of hope for our 
world was totally astonishing and so powerful! Pam Evans confessed to welling up with tears throughout the whole 
presentation and wondered what state she would be in by the end of it. Pam commented, “I am so proud of what these 
children are achieving with their teachers and their dynamic Head Teacher Rachael Webb. What a Peace Mala school! ”  

Rachael Webb is a gifted artist and so is her head of art. The whole school shows evidence of their inspirational work. 
Walking around Hafod School is like entering a kaleidoscope of intense beauty. It dazzles the eyes and senses.

This is what Rachael has to say about her school and Peace Mala: 
"Our school is a multicultural haven for the children of Hafod where we celebrate our differences and live in harmony. 
Our mission statement is 'Learning, Laughing and Living Together'. We have introduced values education with our 'value 
fairies and gold cabinet'. Each month we study a value and send ideas home to the families. We encourage our parents to 
work with us and the pupils on projects around the school. Peace Mala is central to what we do. 

"The project work that we have undertaken over the past three years has made a huge difference to our pupils, staff and 
parents. Women (mums and grandparents) feel more confident coming into school and are made to feel welcome. 
Relationships between staff and parents have improved and this has made an impact on the community. Children 
understand and display tolerance, respect, kindness, understanding, friendship, hope, honesty, peace and unity. Everyone
feels included." 

Hafod was one of the first schools in the UK to achieve Peace Mala Accreditation. The school is now working 
to achieve Peace Mala Accreditation for the second consecutive time. Rachael said, “We were pleased to welcome the trustees 
to our school as part of our bid to get re-accreditation next year, which is the 10th anniversary of Peace Mala. To commemorate 
the visit we held a special World in Union assembly”. 

  Pam Evans, Founder of Peace Mala, with Rachael Webb and pupils of Hafod Primary School sitting in front of their Peace Mala art display.


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