Normally most of what I write is a way of venting negativity, however, on this page, everything is positive. About a week ago (8/23/07) I got sick and tired of how things were going for me. I found I had fallen into what I now call SSI Syndrome. SSI Syndrome is simply one who grows lazy, unmotivated, and complacent. You know the type, they sit home with their free living, watch their T.V. programs all day, eat and snack all day. Most drink their beer, or coffee, smoke their cigarettes and complacently watch their life go by not doing a thing about it, but piss and moan that their life ain’t what they wanted. A week ago I had had enough. 

I went to and searched self-help, and motivation. Little did I know that what I had intended would actually work. The first thing I did was make up my mind I had to change things. Not, had to have things change, but I had to change things. I started with the subliminal stuff, I had also downloaded a sleep/meditation. I had no idea what was to come. A couple of days of listening to these things, I started to stretch out. I was also tired of not being able to touch my toes; not because I’m too fat to reach, but just not limber enough to reach them. I also started a regiment of typing affirmations. All positive things; like ‘I can do what I will’, ‘I will find peace and happiness from within’, ‘I can be a positive thinker’, and many more things. I type fifteen lines of each affirmation. 
A couple of days of doing this, and I got the notion that I wanted to take up jogging. I had never had the motivation to do that before. I always wanted to, but just never did. But after listening to those recordings for a few days, I actually felt I could do anything. So, I went to the local park, and started to jog the mile long track around the park. The first day I jogged the majority of it, walking about a third of it. The next day I jogged the whole two laps, and the day after as well. I still have no clue where this power of motivation came from.

Now, I get up in the morning, start the recordings, and start stretching. I go for my jog; which is up to three laps, come home, stretch out again, do my affirmations. I put on the subliminal recordings and let them repeat all day. While I shower, while I cook, while I watch TV. I have listened to them well over a hundred times, and I listen to them while I sleep. I don’t know if this motivation really came from the recordings, or if it was just me wanting to change, but things changed none-the-less. If you are having any motivational problems, I would recommend this regiment, but first you got to want it!!!
Today, I like myself like I have never loved myself before. I am proud of who I am, and am willed to continue to take better care of myself. I have finally found I am worth it. I value myself now. 

The affirmations are important. If you do them, make sure you use no negative words. No; no’s, nots, won’ts. If you say “I won’t be negative.” You have used two negative words and your mind knows it. So use, “I wills”, “I cans”.

Let me know if this works for you.
Proudly, Joseph J Boyle 
New York. USA.
An extract from Joseph's website

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