The Jesus Opal.


Gregory and Shelina are artists, authors, ministers, healers and prophets or messengers bringing The Jesus Opal and messages from Jesus to the world. Many people question how this can happen. It occurs because of the soul connections as taught by Gregory and Shelina through Jesus and their angels and guides. Each person is given an Upper Soul Council with different aspects of themselves on many dimensions. Some of these are in spiritual form while others are in physical form. Because we are on third dimension it is hard for many of them to communicate directly. They go up to the 15th dimension and the God source is at the 16th dimension. There are many sublevels but this is the easiest way to explain it. More will be shared later.

Gregory was trained from the time he was a child to accept these messages. It was not easy and he fought it at first. For not everyone wants to accept a calling that requires giving up their personal life in order to help others. It takes a strong person and a very loving person. Many have turned down the opportunity. Gregory is so in love with Jesus for he is truly one of most loving, peaceful teachers that Earth has had along with many other wonderful prophets.

Shelina was also trained from the time that she was a child to learn different energies. Gregory is always worried that she will know what her Christmas present will be. Her angels and spiritual guides, that are called The Upper Soul Council, test her abilities continually. She is totally amazed that Jesus speaks to her constantly and loves him, and Mary Magdalene, very deeply. Tears often fall from her eyes while she is typing his words which share how the soul, the galaxy and God are much larger than any of us could imagine. Jesus has also stated that he was not able to teach about the first human origins at the time he lived. The people were not ready for it. They were busy living their everyday lives. But now, it is time for the teachings to continue.

Gregory and Shelina had no soul contract to come together and it is truly a miracle that they found each other. If you were a gambling person it would be one of the highest payoffs ever given for they are two of the oldest souls in the galaxy and when they married their energies were joined together so that they could become stronger. Many spiritual leaders go through special ceremonies to enhance their abilities. They have many stories of unexpected blessings, love and acts of faith through prayer. Welcome to all. May you learn how truly special and loved you are…


Jesus Faces and Images in The Jesus Opal

by Shelina (of Shelina and Gregory)

Tonight there was another television program about Jesus on, called ‘The Faces- Jesus in Art’ on PBS which spoke about images of Jesus as portrayed in art throughout history. It told how there is no actual record of what Jesus looked like and how images change according to the artist and their culture. He was a middle eastern man with a dark complexion, dark hair and dark eyes. Some even ask, ‘Was Jesus black?’ That would depend upon your definition of black.

When researching the most obvious faces in The Jesus Opal, I discovered three prominent ones that match the images in this apparition healing stone. The main one or first one that most people see looks like Warner Sallman’s ‘Head of Christ’. It is the most well known painting of Jesus and was a card given to WWII soldiers. Painted in 1941, it sold 51 million copies and now resides at Anderson University, Indiana USA. Gregory is a visionary and has said that is how Jesus appears to him when speaking, except as a middle eastern man.

Turning the stone counterclockwise the next face to appear is one that resembles the Jesus painting by Leanardo Da Vinci known as ‘The Last Supper’. Da Vinci is the most searched artist on the web. Of course, his painting was made even more famous by Dan Brown’s book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ which is searched for twice as much as the artist according to Dean Tsouvalas at Lycos. Then after turning the opal counter clockwise again, the third clear Jesus face appears. This one has a resemblance to the Rembrandt Harmenzoon Van Rijn painting ‘Portrait of Christ’ done in 1655-1657 which I like.

Some people see other images but for me those three are the most obvious. I was amazed at the number of paintings and drawings that have been done throughout history of Jesus as the Christ. He certainly influenced cultures all over the world no matter what their beliefs are. I used to call ‘The Jesus Opal’ by the name of ‘The Many Faces of Jesus Opal’. Others have called it ‘The Healing Opal’ since many other prophets and visions also show up on it, but to Gregory, who was given the opal and speaks to Jesus, it will always be ‘The Jesus Opal’. This is the only American or world Jesus apparition with many faces of Jesus appearing from the same spot on the stone.

Jesus Speaks through Gregory 7/28/07: “When you have love in your heart for yourself, others, and life itself, it makes life easier and lighter and you tend to laugh more which is also healing. And as you laugh more and love more, you are more aware and able to go through the rough bumps easier. Sometimes it is not easy to take the first steps but try and succeed in it and you will know that I am telling the truth. Please check out The Jesus Opal. It was given as a gift to Gregory, and later Shelina, to be able to show the world that there is always hope. Many aspects of my face as painted by the great masters appear on the stone and in reality no matter what religion you are, I tried to teach self empowerment, love and peace. For once you become self empowered, you can connect with your heart and soul and feel contentment. And you will feel a connection to myself, God, and your angels and guides, who will start showing themselves to you and start teaching you by giving you true understanding. Bless the world” Jesus

sent in by Shelina and Gregory USA.

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