Me and Dee.


My name is Maria Hanson and I set up my charity in July 2006.

As a disabled woman, I know only too well how treats can become the bottom of a priority list. My very close cousin 
Delia and I often spoke about this, and how we would like to set up our own charity, offering to provide treats and 
special moments where time is precious.

Sadly, Delia died in 2005 from cancer before we could achieve our dreams together. I carry her in my heart and with the
help of my daughters, family, friends and supporters, me&dee is now arranging special moments to create lasting
memories all over the UK - with the support from Paul we have moved from around fifteen a year to fifteen amonth.

"My lovely younger sister Shanie, aged 53, passed away peacefully after a long illness so courageously born on 7th August 
2009. At peace and without pain, but so very sadly missed by all who loved and knew her".


Some of the Me and Dee Treats.













Paul Ragan revealed that he was a millionaire & offered a life line, ensuring that me&dee can continue to create many 
more special moments where time is precious. Paul continues to play an active role within me&dee and his plans for 
expansion will be revealed soon.


We are happy to announce that me&dee have linked with the Maddison Bignall Trust to form "me&dee and Maddie makes 
Together, we shall be running a programme with it's objective being "to create ME TIME for young carers".

Please go to for more information on this exciting venture to offer three levels of 
treats to young carers and to donate to the team running in the New York Marathon this year.

If you would like to donate to me&dee you can visit or contact us on our website.

Thank You



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