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Eyal Raviv

Profile. is a platform for peacemakers advancing Middle East peace. On the platform, Palestinians, Israelis and interested others are meeting, communicating and making peace.

Three critical events within one year inspired me and brought about

The first event happened during the second war in Lebanon, in August of 2006. As the war raged on, I felt frustrated and powerless to stop it. On the final weekend, I demonstrated against the war. The following day, my friends' brother of my friends was killed in Lebanon. Attending his funeral, I felt disconnected from my people. I understood I should do something to contribute to peace in the region.

The second event unfolded in a Tel Aviv coffee shop in December 2006. Active in a number of different peace organizations, I decided to form a social community for peace activists. I brought my friends together to brainstorm how we would establish our community. My friends were not ready to meet in person consistently. I decided to take my community online and registered the domain a week later.

The third critical event happened in France in July 2007. Participating in a conference of organizations working for nonviolence in the Middle East, I met an inspiring young man from Palestine. He shared that he was meeting an Israeli for the first time and I realized the power of that connection. I decided and announced that day that would be a platform for anyone interested in Middle East peace.



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