Peacock gives Pensioner the bird.


Not everybody gets Turkey for Christmas.

A pensioner is as proud as a peacock after discovering a colourful bird in his back garden. Allan Lewis aged 77 said the 
striking blue peacock roams between the back yard of his home at Bridgend Road Aberkenfig and six neighbouring yards.
Mr Lewis said: the first time I saw it I couldn't believe my eyes, I've only seen pictures of them and have never known them
to be wandering, It's most strange." But the peacock, which has a bright blue neck and ruffled feathers , is proving elusive.
"One day it's there and the next it's disappeared" said Mr Lewis. You just don't know when you're going to see it." He thinks 
the peacock may have been attracted to food left our for his chickens. He got rid of them two weeks ago but the peacock 
keeps coming back. Mr Lewis said: "This afternoon it flew from my garden up and over the fence to the shed next door." 

His daughter Tracy Thomas aged 48. of Bridgend Road Llanharan, said the peacock has caused quite a stir. " It's the talk of 
theconservative club ." she said. People keep asking my dad when did he join the gentry." "Unfortunately, his tail feathers 
are missing. I read up about peacocks on the net, apparently they moult in the autumn and they regrow in the spring. They 
can also lose them in captivity. No one seems to know where it has come from. Dad came across it strutting up the railway 
line behind his house about a month ago. It's taken up residence in my Dad's chicken coop, the chickens are gone now, but 
the peacock is sharing itself between there and the neighbours gardens!"With spring on the horizon, Mr Lewis is curious 
what the future may hold for his new feathered friend. " He could be looking for a partner. " he said.

Article from the Glamorgan Gazette

Sent in by Tracy Thomas. Wales UK.


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