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About me: Iíve been ill on and off since I was young, and have been bed bound for the past 7 years with severe ME. For 
5 years I was unable to walk or even sit up but I have now improved and can go out of the house in my wheelchair from 
time to time which I'm loving! Like so many with chronic illnesses all my friends lost touch with me and I became isolated.

When I first became bed bound I was sent so many cards it wasnít long before my walls and ceiling were covered, it 
became my reason to wake up each day. It was this that gave me the idea for Post Pals, although I hoped it would "catch 
on" I didn't dream it would touch as many lives as it has, both families with seriously ill children and of the volunteers 
around the world. I'm so very proud of it! I do the running of Post Pals from bed with a laptop, and my room (and I confess
a big chunk of my parents house) looks like a cross between a mail room and a toy shop!

Since setting up Post Pals I have won "Readers Digest Hero of the Year 2006" and "Beacon Award for Young Philanthropist
2008". I first got into voluntary work at the age of 5 when I helped my grandparents working for Rainbow Trust from the 
charity's early days. In 2002 I completed my 200 hours on the Millennium Volunteer scheme with AYME, at the time of 
setting up Post Pals I was also volunteering online for Brainfog and Patchworx (an American charity for seriously ill young
people which has now closed). My main passions are keeping Post Pals going and raising awareness of severe ME†

Please brighten up a sick child day with Postpals send a letter and prayer to make them smile.


 Thank you

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