Sharat Thakur.


I will give a brief background about myself, so that at least people can start relating to where I am coming from. I am a software professional, and staying in Indiaís silicon valley - Bangalore. I have worked with global MNCs like Ness Technologies, Business Objects, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and presently working with I-Link Software in a senior management position. I was also the founder members of an internet based company in US named as Utopia Innovations, LLC. I stayed in US for a couple of years and worked with corporate America.

This website is meant to act as an interface for all those people who know me and also for those people who don't know me. Blogging is the core of my website, as I will keep updating my website content in the blogs section. I will use my website as a platform where strong message can be conveyed to the world, and hopefully bring about a positive change. I will also include my entrepreneurial journey till the attainment of my final goal of building utopia in society. Through my website, I will also try to bridge the gap between business, entrepreneurship, spirituality, society and life. Refer Visions section in my website for more details.  

Welcome to my Website. Myself, Sharat Thakur. Well the most difficult thing in life is to describe about yourself, and present it to the whole world. In nutshell, I am entrepreneur in mind and spiritual in heart. The sole aim of building this website is to portray my visions in life to all. If it proves inspiring for even one person, the aim of this website will be fulfilled.

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