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Retired? No. He is retreaded! Just another nominal fun day. Mr. Funominal.

( Not a worry in the world worth worrying about. (Tom's High School Motto)

At 72 years of age, Tom is a self proclaimed eccentric. No one is perfect, but Tom had every reason to make the effort. Perhaps we all know some dysfunction in our families, but Tom was overly sensitive about family strife. As a young boy he dreamed about the possibility of having the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins live together in harmony on one large estate. That is like Tom, you know... When the kids fight; then lock them in the closet together solution. Little did he know... Dreams come true.

He did not know if he had saved enough to retire. His company bought him out when he was 67. Was it enough to see them through the golden years? Tom said no, took the lump sum and tried to make it grow in the stock market. His timing was not quite right, as he lost a lot quickly. He had good reason to be concerned. Most people would have done well with the amount he received in retirement, but Tom was too generous to be so limited. He never saw it as his to spend, and he took a leap of faith. I kid you not, He did not know what he was doing and to this day, he calls it providence. 

Money has not been the real problem. He thought he might have a large expense for nursing care for his spouse who has degenerative dementia. Tom became like so many today, a Caregiver. He already knew something about caring. Like when he enjoyed taking inner city kids on a mountain hike over the years (83 trips and 360+ kids); Volunteering in scouting and mentoring fatherless boys, investing in a large truck to loan to one of their moms. 

Then they came. A son returned and his visit was good. He was sympathetic and loving toward his mom. Tom hired him to stay on. He helped at home while attending community college and did volunteer work in scouting and church. Another son came with two young children. Grandchildren are now in the home to cheer up the household. This son was full time, as he was himself disabled but helpfully energetic. A daughter returned with her husband and baby. She was able to work in the home for her company. Their loving help is priceless in exuberant joy. All Tom knew was that a family firmly bonded in love, is unstoppable. The work shared, finances enhanced all around, happy children, and you see, dreams come true.

Example of Family Bonding 

A Video Tribute

Everything in my life has changed. My profile has changed. The major reason for the return home has changed. My wife of over 44 years, suffering from a head trauma accident years ago, developed severe depression which caused the onset of dementia. She died peacefully on December 8th, 2007 in the presence of all of our children at our home with terrific assistance from Hospice. She died in the presence of her best friend, a human angel, who was reviewing with her all the good times in their relationship. Our son, Michael, produced a Video Tribute to his mother which tied her life and end days with all her relatives and friends. Her Danish relatives spread the news via this video through their network for immediate heartfelt response.

Please feel free to view this feature, see the Video Tribute to my Wife.

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