Tyson. Jake. Sofi.




Tyson and Jake have exchanged emails through their owners since 2007.
Sofi joined them Xmas 2008. Enjoy reading some of their amusing emails.


Hello Jake

My mum says, her friend has an interesting site, and mum sent her one of our letters. So mums friend wants to put it into her website. I don't know how to spell the place you live, so will you please spell it for me. I suppose, you have to say how you are as well. Oh boy Jake. this is our claim to fame, ha ha. My diet is going ok, but my master said I am still fat. oh boy, I was hurt when he said that. Did you have fun when you went out on your own. You mustn't do that again Jake. there are so many strange people around.

My mum went to church. and she was all in pink. I did try to tell her how nice she was, but if I did that, she would think I needed something nice, like a treat, so I said nothing.  When I see our page on the website I will send it to you. mums friend, said its the funniest thing she has seen. How silly is that???, I like telling you about my troubles. that's what friends are for. So hope to hear from you soon. 

Take care friend. talk again soon. 



Hello Tyson

How pleased am I to hear from you!!!  Please do not be discouraged because Craig thinks you are "fat".. he only wants you to be healthy and happy and in the best physical shape possible.  After all you are a handsome and beautiful dog and you want to look and feel well too.  Besides if you are well you will have a long and happy and useful life.

Thank you for asking.. I am well too. Yes, that was a big adventure when I went out on my own... but a bit scary too.  I go out each day now on my own but my grandparents keep watch on me so that I don't go too far. And they leave the big overhead garage door open so that if I get frightened I run for safety there. 

I would be delighted to have your Mum's friend put us on her website!!  How famous we will be....  lol  We live in the US in a southern state named Mississippi... like the big river that runs from the upper reaches of the states to the Gulf of Mexico. 

My Nana will write to your Mum a bit later but I wanted her to let you know that I had gotten your letter and am happy all is well with me as I hope it is with you. Take care my friend...

Since boy's don't hug and smooch I'm sending you a high five...



Hi Jake

Thanks for your letter, I am so pleased about us. WOW. fancy us on the net. My mum says I am looking slimmer now. and today she took me down the lane to walk. I had to be careful, and watch her, as she is old now. and I have to protect her don't I. but it was so nice to go out with her.

Mum hasn't been out with me since her accident, and I hope she will take me again. we have fun, she talks to me and I do what I want, cause she can't run after me hahhaha. Hope your ok my friend, I know I don't write often, but you are always in my prayers,

Hey Jake. do you like your letter??? its with your favorite food hahhahaha. Just for you my friend, I will write again as soon as mum lets me. Woof Woof. goodnight. my dear friend. OH I NEARLY FORGOT WHY I AM WRITING;;; my dads girlfriend, she is nice she is. her name is Jo...she has a tiny little kitten. WOW she is so tiny, but Jo brought her up to see ME. I was so good. Kitten was a little scared of me, because I am still a little fat, but I told it I will soon be smaller, and guess what Jake. It came right up to me, and we played for a long time.
Now that is something isn't it. come to think of it, Kitten is a little like you. Oh well my friend. told you the news, so I will have to go, mum has called.

big WOOF.



Hi Tyson

Boy we are famous now!!! -- As you can see I'm holding my Nana's computer mouse... been reading from the site that your Mum sent to link to. Very, very good...... now what else can we get into?? 

Thank you for the "fishes"... that was neat. Until next time....
meow, meow



Hello again Jake 

Must tell you. that accident did something to my mum. for she took me out again today, a long walk. Then mum stopped to talk to some lady who had a little dog with her. I started to sniff at it, and that baby dog barked so load. I run and stood behind my mum. I didn't go near it again. it kept barking all time, and my mum just laughed. I hope mum can take me out again tomorrow, I love going out. Have you had any news Jake. hope your keeping ok. Its cold out now, but I don't mind. I got a very good coat. Do you have one as well?. hope so. do you like this pussy cat?/ fancy going after the bird like that.          

LOL. take care my friend. 

Talk again soon.


Hello Tyson

It was so good to hear from you. and I am glad that you are getting lots of exercise because your Mum is able to take you out more now. When I don't get to go out as much as I would like I drive my Nana and Papaw crazy!! I do all sorts of silly things, paw at the windows, jump and down while holding onto the door frames. My Papaw tells me that he is going to tie a paint brush to my tail after he makes me do the repair work and then paint it. I don't mean to be bad but I just get so hyper when I can't go outside. 

I keep watching for other cats who live in the neighborhood to come by but somehow I miss them. Except there is one black one who hunts in the large vacant lot in front of our house. But Nana keeps an eye on me and won't let me cross the street. Sigh!!!  I'd better go now... my Nana just saw this page and thought it was so cute. She told me I should use this to answer your letter and send it right away.

Take care my friend .... Meow and High Five...



Hi Jake

This is good Jake. thought of you when I seen it. do you ever see things like this ? Mum and I went for a long walk today, and she let me of the lead too. I went sniffing everywhere. I did enjoy it. I hope the veranda wont get fixed, then we can go more walks. Mum is taking me again in a minute. I think she enjoys it. Mum is better now.
Hope your ok my friend;. I always think of you. hope your enjoying yourself. This morning was white with frost. now its nice and sunny. OK. Mum is getting her coat ready. so I may go out again. whoopee. have fun friend. will let you know how it goes.



Hello Tyson

Thank you for the pretty stationery. Yes, when I look in the mirror and see myself I think it is another cat. And boy that one was a big cat!!! How nice that your Mum is taking you for more and longer walks. That must be lots of fun. I didn't go out yesterday but for a short while because it was quite cold and I wanted to stay inside in the warm. But tonight I'm in trouble again. My Nana and Papaw were gone most of the day and I didn't get to go out until it was almost dark. And I got carried away as it was getting dark and wandered off again. I had been outside while Nana was cooking the supper meal and Papaw got busy with something and forgot to keep an eye on me. So it was way after dark when I came back to the house and he had been all over the neighborhood looking for me. Sigh.... I know better but I just can't help myself. So they are very put out with me right now. 

Well there really isn't much to report from my world. Maybe next time there will be something interesting to write about. We will be going to my other family's house on Thursday to eat our Thanksgiving dinner with them. At least I will get to see the other two cats. Even if they do ignore me. Bye for now Ty... you take care and be good so that you don't get into trouble with your Mum.

Your friend,


Hi Jake

Been out again today, and we got so wet, my mum had to shower, and I had my warm towel put over me. just like a baby.....it was good. Mum said she isn't going again, but I bet she will. I will try to tell he I need to go...you know. then she will take me. I heard mum say, I have a x-mas stocking. I wonder what will be in that, and my dad is buying
me one as well, Boxing day mums friend is coming, and she has got me a gift as well. So, I must be loved mustn't I.

What are you getting Jake. bet you get a mouse..or a bird..or a fish. you will have fun with those wont you. I am excited over x-mas. I always get funny things to play with. I hope your fine my friend. I will write soon to tell you what I get.
Take care of your Nan. and look after yourself. 

Good night my good friend.
God bless.


Hello Tyson

Thank you so much for your letter. I was very glad to hear from you. I had thought that you might be quite busy at thistime of the year with the decorations and shopping. But I am so glad you found time to write. Yes, I'll have a stocking to hang too. I'm not sure what will be in it... a handful of switches if anything my 'Nana says can be believed. She things I'm more naughty than nice most of the time. I don't mean to be, but there are just sooooomany things that I have to check out!! No one else seems to have time or are interested.

I was outside just now playing when a tiny, fluffy white dog was walking by with his Mister holding his leash. I just wanted to say hello because he was no larger than me. But I didn't get to because my Papaw thought I might hiss at him or scratch him. I just wanted to sniff him over is all. People just don't understand that I'm just wanting to get acquainted. After being cooped up in the house for the most of the past several days because of the cold it is so much fun being outside as it is much warmer today. So many things to explore.

This is a look alike picture - not really me - but 'Nana says I look like this and that I am a handsome dude. So I'll have to take her word for it because I don't know such things. Well my friend I just wanted to say hello and thank you for the mail and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. And I hope you get things you like in your stocking. Purr, purr, meow, meow.

Your Pal, 
ps I really liked the stationery your letter was on - very, very nice!!!


Hi Jake

Wow, my friend. so glad to hear from you... Mum took me for another walk, and we got wet again.
I don't think she will take me again. oh well... its been fun while it lasted. I only hope, I don't wet my bed. LOL.
I liked your stationary, that was good that was.

I will write again before x-mas. Dad is going to buy me a gift tomorrow, He said today...wonder if it will be food???? I am still on this blessed diet.. don't know when they will let me go from it...ohhhh wellll.

Tomorrow, I am going to have a shower. mum says I smell, what a thing to say. I don't honest, she is being funny. but I do like the shower, and I get a warm towel as well. and plenty of hugs..so I cant wait. 

Will tell you all about it when I write next time



Hi Tyson

Thank you for the card with the Teddy Bear hug.  I enjoyed it very much.  The Bear looks much like my pal Bubba.  If you press his hand he chatters away - but of course I could care less. lol Good for you with slimming down... and yeah!!! now maybe you will get the treats you want. Take care and don't outrun Craig too much... he might not like you winning the races all the time.  

(Meow, meow, meow, purr!!! ---Bye my friend.....



Hello Tyson 

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of goodies! I got several toys, one is a soft fabric mouse 
that has a place inside of it for Catnip, and some chew toys that are supposed to help clean my teeth. 
And oh, got a great Bed Buddy. It is a small square fabric thing that has a packet that can be taken out and 
heated in the microwave then put back inside the cover. Then that is put into my bed to help me keep warm. 

We had a good dinner and a good time at my other families. That's my Nana and Papaw's daughter and 
son-in-law and their two cats. I call her Muvver.... cause I thought she was my mother when I was a tiny kitten. 
Boy, are those two guys a pill... they simply ignore me and won't play with me. And just because they are so old I 
guess... but I love being with them anyway. Someday they are going to be sorry that they treat me like that... 
I hope. But it was good to get back home and my own things too. I wanted to be sure to get this off to wish you 
a Happy New Year. So you take care and be sure to hear from each other in 2008.

Purr, Meow, Purr Meow ---- 

Your Pal,


Hi again my friend

Yes I had a great x-mas. with lots of toys, and I was given some turkey. wow that was good, but straight away I went back on my diet.. Mum said I had lost about a stone, I feel better, and I know now, she wont give in when I give her the eyes..oh well. I am glad you had fun. keep warm now, wow your bed sounds just great. I had a new blanket, but was caught, biting it, so had my bum smacked, didn't hurt anyway. I like the lights on the tree, I keep looking at them and trying to see if they would work in my mouth, but mum said no. Oh well. I have heard dad say. its new year soon. Wonder if I will get another toy? I got all toys that make a noise.. great stuff.. 

I can go out on my own now, without my lead, BUT. MUM IS JUST ON MY TAIL. so can't do anything much.
Its very cold and wet. but we may have a great summer so they say. we shall wait and see. Thanks for the great letter friend. will write again soon.

love to all.


Hi Jake

Wow, today my mum took me out, the weather was nice, so before I knew it, she was saying come on and she called me lazy boy. My head shot up, I was so excited, because the weather has been so wet, we haven't been far, but I had a great day. We went for a walk to the local park, mum threw a big stick for me, but I couldn't give it back, it was to nice,. I did have a little row, because I ran after this little white ball, a man was hitting it with some sort of stick. I had to give it back to him, oh never mind, mum said she will buy me one, but I don't think she meant it. Dad, said he will take me out later, oh boy, I am enjoying today. 

How are you my friend, been anywhere lately? I wish you could come to play with me, I did play with a kitten as well today, she was lovely. I wouldn't hurt you, just play. Mum wants to write now, so I will say bye for now. write soon buddy.


woof woof.   Tyson.. xxxxxxlick lick.


Hello Tyson

So good to hear from you. It has been very scary over here with all the terrible storms we had. When I hear 
thunder I hide under my Nana's bed until the storm is over. But that night she was worried because I was there and wouldn't come out. She felt like she should put me in my carrier for safety in the event our house was blown away. She worried that I'd be lost or hurt if that happened. We were so glad when it was over. Then it got cold again and I haven't been able to stay outside as much as I want. But my Papaw took me out several times yesterday. And today it is much warmer and Nana has taken me out several times and do has Papaw. 

It sounds like you had a lot of fun in the park. I bet you can run like the wind when you want to. And especially 
since you have trimmed down so. I'm afraid that I will have to do that as my Nana says I'm so big and heavy. 
But I'm a big boy.

There is a man in the neighborhood who walks his big dog by here some time. He has him on a strong leash but he wants to pull away and come into the yard when I'm out. And I'm always wondering about him too and watch him as he walks by. The man talked to my Nana one day and he told her that his dog's name is Blue and he was lonesome and always looking for someone to play with. Maybe this summer we can get acquainted. I hope so. I wish I had a friend. And I'll be glad when my frog friends, and cricket friends come back when winter is over.

I'd better close now... got to see if I can meow hard enough that somebody will let me back outside. 

Take care my friend.

Meow, meow.



Hi there my friend.

 Its very cold here Jake, and mum says it looks like snow. Yum, I like snow, but mum wont like it.

I get very wet and excited when I get into snow.
I have been out, well down the garden. And I seen that ginger cat again. He still wont make friends with me.
Mum said, it wont matter, because there is a new cat 2 doors away. And she may get it to play with me.
Promises.. I wont hurt it honest.
I had your letter. Thank you buddy. Its so nice to here from you. Have you had any fun lately??.
I do think about you. Anyway, we can send letters, and that's something, I suppose.
Talk again soon my friend..
Take care, be good.
Tyson. woofwoof..



Hello Tyson
Thanks for the poem and your picture when you were a puppy!  :)  I liked the verse. That was very nice.
And since we are exchanging 'tales' I though this would be a good page.  My Nana says that it looks a lot like me.  She even bought the book to read to me.  It's just a small one but the stories are good.  She said she couldn't resist it when she saw this picture on the front of it.  lol
Oh, I'm sure the ginger cat would love to play with you.  He just doesn't know how.  Sometimes I would like to
play with some of the dogs as they are walked by but I don't know if they would understand that I just want to be friendly.  It gets so lonely.  Sigh. 
It is quite cool here today and has rained since the wee hours of the morning.  I can't get outside and that annoys me.  So me and PaPaw decided to take a nap.  But I'm sure that Nana will have a good supper for us and maybe that will make
us feel better.  lol
Nice hearing from you Ty .. do take care.
Your Pal always,

Hello there my friend;. Did you have my mums letter???? I didn't know what to think,, they think we should write more often, don't they know, we like to play sometime... Humans.Why are they like they are?? I suppose they take care of us....,, sometimes a little to much. I am now 5yrs old.. And still not allowed out unless mum is with me... Cant call that growing up now can we.. Seems like I have to write to you every week. Ok.... I don't mind... If I don't have anything to say I shall have to say woof woof. And you will, understand. 

Ok my friend.. Humans are or can be a big problem in our world.. Better not offend..... Talk again soon. Woof woof.... Catch a butterfly if you can...lol. Growllllll growllll.... Bye for now mate... 

Talk soon.........................Tyson


Hello Tyson

 How are you my friend?  You have probably been busy like me trying to stay warm.  I don't know where the nice weather went.  And all my critter friends are gone and I can't find them.   (Sigh)  It is very lonesome when I go outside and can't find anyone or anything  to play with.   (Sigh)

Oh, my  -  you are 5 years old now?  Wow!  Time is sure slipping by.  I'm 3 and going on 4.  I got to see my 'brother' at my other family a couple of weeks ago.  My Nana had been refusing to take me because she thought I might upset him.  He's old now and having health problems.  The 'other brother' Indie had passed on a few months back and she wasn't sure I wouldn't upset Haeden.  But she was very pleased with me because I acted so good.  I didn't pester him at all and just sat close to where ever he was so he wasn't bothered.  But I still had to hiss at my 'Muver' and my 'Hero'.   She scolds me for that.

It was good hearing from you.  Maybe we will have time to write more often now that colder weather is here.  My Nana will have to see if she can find a picture for your Mum's friend. 

Be careful Ty and please stay warm.

Your Pal,



Hi, Jake

I had your letter. Thank you buddy. Its so nice to here from you. Have you had any fun lately??.
 I do think about you. Anyway, we can send letters, and that's something, I suppose.
Take care, be good.
Tyson. woofwoof..

Look what they have done to the dogs...oh my god, 

I must hide now...talk soon, when they have gone away..lol



Tyson. woofwoof

Hello Ty.

Sounds good to me.... let's give it a go.

Your pal, 


Hello Jake.... 

Hope you had my mail... Now don't forget buddy, you must write every month ok. Best keep them humans happy hey.

Mum said I have to go to have a bath and get my nails done.. Woopee. I just love that place. They play with me for ages.. OK. I know. I am ungrateful, but mum can't play much anymore Cause she is old now.. She shouts at me when I run down the lane. But I love it. I leave her far away, I don't think she minds.. Cause she throws things for me to run.. Sooooooo.. I think I am going to have a Christmas stocking again this year, I heard her tell dad...oh boyyyy.

Have you been ok friend.. Hope so.. I know you don't like the cold.. I don't mind cause I have a very thick Coat. And mum said its also a nuisance, whatever that is... Keep smiling my friend..... And be happy... Will talk soon. Tyson.

Oh ..don't chase birds. My mum said its not nice......byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Tyson x


Hello Tyson

Ok - I'll mark my calendar --- 'write to Tyson' in a month. I liked your page - and it had a beautiful yellow cat on it. 
Was that the one you thought might like to play with you? Going over to my other family's house for dinner tomorrow. My brother Haeden will be all excited waiting for the turkey to be done. I won't eat but I'll have fun!!! 

My Nana clipped my nails this afternoon so that I won't accidentally scratch anybody. I did not like that!!!! I'm sure your coat keeps you warm. Mine does too and I have so many places to snuggle with fuzzy bedding that I always stay warm.    
Take care and be good to your Mum - remember the Christmas stocking!!!! We'll talk later.   

Meow.. meow!!!   

Your pal Jake



Hello my friend...

I seen this and thought of you.   My mum went shopping, and when she came back, I sniffed goodies in her shopping bag. But she put them upstairs,, and I am not allowed up there, so what was she thinking, Still I couldn't rest after that. I have been out, and seen the cat next door.... He just stand on a garage roof, and stares at me. He never bothers to play at all..

Oh boy I heard mum tell my dad, she wants a parrot.. Now that WOULD be fun. Perhaps she is just saying that??. I know she likes them, she told me she would give me to a parrot if I didn't behave. Boy perhaps we will have one for x-mas.. Wooppeee. I heard my dad say.. Don't be silly nan.. Oh well she might....

Hope your going to have a great x-mas my friend...This is my letter for the month. So I must make it good.

We have the tree up. ooooohhhhh boy... Mum said NO.... Oh well.....I wouldn't have had a wee against it anyway, silly mum.

OK. Friend.. Take care.. Woofwoof..  Will write in new year.. Bye for now..

 This is like me when I was a baby...



Hello Ty

Oh man - it looks like you are having some party there.  And really having fun.
I like to sniff the shopping bags too.  I have to check everything out when Nana and Papaw bring groceries and stuff in. Don't think we will have many packages under the tree this year.  But I'm sure there will be something from me here and at my other family's house. But I heard Nana and Papaw saying that they didn't plan on buying Christmas things as we don't have many people to exchange things with.  They have been worried about people that don't have anything much less for Christmas.  

So they are going to donate  money to the local food banks and the Humane Society here in our county.  I heard my Nana say that so many people are having to move from their homes and can't always take their pets with them.  And some are even having to take their pets to shelters because they can no longer afford to feed and keep them. I bet the cat next door would love to play with you but doesn't know how to ask or try to be friends.  If you lived next door to me I certainly would be trying to be friends.

It has been storming here since way in the night last night.  I couldn't go outside because of the rain this morning.  And I've spent most of the time under Nana's bed because thunder scares me something fierce.  Papaw was down just now talking to me because I'm still under the bed.  He says he won't let anything hurt me but I am so scared of the thunder noise.
I'm sure that the picture in your letter  looked just like you did when you were a pup.  The cat here doesn't really look like me but oh boy, would I ever love to have a tree like that to climb.  So It's sort of me in my daydreams.  lol Ty, Buddy --- please take care.  And take good care of your Mum.  I'm sure you will have a wonderful Christmas, and so will I.  So be good and we'll talk again soon. Meow!!!  Meow!!!
Your Pal 
Hi Jake
Wow... Thanks for my mail Jake old boy.... I had a game with that black and white cat.. Wow. We had some fun... He came and sat on my wall, and I went to chase him but he stayed there, and meowed to me. So we ran around the garden. I was tired when we finished. So was he. And he came again today, but he didn't want to play .  He is a bit strange like that, but at least we are friends now. 

Oh yes I will send you a photo of Hannah's new little poodle. She is cute. Hannah is real pleased with her..I wish you a very merry x-mas Jake old friend.. Have a good one. Oh, nearly forgot. Mum has put up a x-mas sock for me. It says I've been a good dog... I cant go near it, mum says its for x-mas...

Have a good one friend.

Woof woof.....  



Introducing Sofi.  December 2008

Hello Tyson and Jake

I hope you don't mind me popping in and saying hello to you both, My name is Sofi I'm a miniature poodle, I've came to live with my new Mam last Sunday the 21st December, she spoils me and gives me lots of cuddles. In this photo I'm eating a delicious dental chew to keep my teeth healthy, it tastes great. Sorry I haven't got a photo of me looking at the camera, my eyes  shine to much and make me look scary, when Mum learns how to turn off the flash in her camera I'll send you another one. Merry Xmas to you both, I hope my Mum will put a stocking up for me as well Tyson.

See you in the New Year from your new pal 

(yap, yap) Sofi. 


We must say hello to Sophie... Hi buddy, hope you enjoy your x-mas...... I cant wait... Its now 10-38.. And I haven't had any pressies.. I know mum has got me something... How long is it to x-mas day/////////????? Welcome aboard good friend.. But we don't have any fights.. We are very good friend.. So we shall talk in the new year.

Tell us what you had ..ok buddy.... 

Bye for now.............Tyson.



Hello Ty
What a great picture of Sophie.  Wish I could have someone my size to play with.  lol  Hoo boy -- Nana says she has to clip my nails tomorrow or else I won't be able to go with them to my other family's house for Christmas dinner. She doesn't want me scratching anyone if they annoy me.  Always something .... just can't leave a cat alone. But I want to go and see my 'brothers' so I guess I'll have to do what she says.
Hope your sock gets filled with goodies Ty.  Have a wonderful
Bye for now... meow, meow, meow.

Hello you two....

Hope your both ok.. I am going out in the morning.. Wow.. In the car... With my mum....We are going to see my dad... In his new flat.. I hope he gives me kisses.. He does normally.Then we are going to aunt Hayley.. 

Then to aunt Rita... I will be very tired when we come home. Because when we go from aunt Rita, we have to take Lee to his dad. Then Gemma to her Nana...And my mum says she will call into see her sister in law. May.. So we shall be out all day. Whooppee.. I don't mind... I am looking forward to it. I wont be on line for a few days... As I am so busy with my mum....


Talk soon.



Hello Ty,
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got the things you wanted.
I went over to my other family's and we had a great time.  I got a great toy --- it's a mouse laser light.  The only thing is I want to play with it by myself but it doesn't work that way.  Someone has to hold it and press the button and shine the light and move it around on the floor for me to chase.  I would rather take my pads and slide it around on the floor.  
But I had a good time and got to visit with Haeden who lives there and the cat from across the street who spends most of her time over there.  We didn't get a chance to get acquainted as she likes to spend most of her time outside and my people won't let me outside when we are there because they are afraid I'll wander off and they can't find me when it's time to come home.
So you take care and we'll talk again soon.
Your pal,
Jake (meow, meow)

Hello my friend

I had a great x-mas.. Had a great big stocking. wow. it was good. Thanks for your mail buddy. I haven't heard from that new dog yet. perhaps his mum is busy.. I went out today for a walk, and seen that black and white cat again.. it did come to say hi. He went on his way then, I don't know what's wrong with animals today. they don't want to be friends.. Oh well, its their loss not mine. I am fed up with trying now.

I had a little cuddly bear. but had a row off mum cause I bit its ear of....now I am only allowed to cuddle it.

My mum had loads of things. I liked a few, but she wouldn't let me have them. oh well, that's women for you.
there was thing great chocolate champagne bottle from dad, woof woof. I liked that..Mum gave me the smallest piece, how bad is that buddy.

Ok have a good and great new year. perhaps that new dog may write later..

Take care my old pal.. have fun when you can.

woof woof.



Hello Tyson,

Wow -- you got lots of Christmas goodies.  Good for you because you must have been very good to get treated like that. I'm trying to figure out how to use this mouse --- maybe I can get my Happy New Year message off
to you with it.  I hope you have a good one.  
I'm sure that I will be sleeping when it arrives.  Unless the fireworks wake me up.  I don't like their noise so I'm going to see if my Nana will put some on the page here for you and we can watch them without being scared.   
 Have a good one....


Hi Boys.

Here I am with all my Christmas toys, I've eaten the treats arn't I greedy. I'm in my cwtch a welsh word my mum calls my bed, I have two one for the day in the living room and one for the night in the hall, their both very cosy.

Sorry I haven't written Tyson my mum has a nasty bout of flu and I've got to wait for her to write my emails, I hope she will be okay soon as I miss going for a walk with her, Uncle Pete takes me out though, he's with me in the photo, I get lots of exercise running around the field near the house with him. 

You both seem to have had a great Christmas with lots of goodies,  I like the sound of your mouse laser light Jake, and Tyson your champagne choc bottle sounds delicious I can almost taste it. I didn't get any turkey mum says I can only eat my doggy food as human food will make me ill because I'm a poodle I need to watch what I eat, still I did have a lovely dinner with lots of chicken and veg and some doggy treats that clean my teeth, so didn't do to bad.

Until next time.

Sofi Yap Yap..



Happy new year buddy...

From Tyson.



Happy New Year!!!!!!
 Hi Tyson,
This is me and you toasting the new year my friend.  I hope you have a wonderful one. It hasn't been as noisy with fireworks as I was afraid it would be but there are a few and I took off and hid under the bed as usual when there are loud noises. Ty my friend I hope the new year will be wonderful for us all. And now with Sofi we have another friend to share with.
Again Happy New Year!!!!!
(meow, meow, ffft, ffft.... must keep in practice)
Your Pal,
Hi Tyson and Jake.
Happy New Year to you both, I hope 2009 will be a great year for you, My new years resolution is to be a good girl and learn the new house rules not to go upstairs on my own. It will be hard as my other mum used to allow me to sleep in her bedroom, but I like my new bed ( cwtch ) it's so cosy it's like having a bedroom of my own. I must stop barking at everyone passing the house as well. I'm settling in really nicely with my new family thanks Jake.  Thank you both for allowing me to join you, I'll only write once a month if that's okay.
Here's to our new friendship in 2009.
Sofi. Yap Yap.

Hi Jake.

Wow, dont these little pigs look great. lol how are you anyway. We have not yet welcomed Sofi, Hope she will be able to tell us some tales.. She had a good x-mas as well.

I went out yesterday, and mum was freezing, she moaned all the time, I wanted to put my fir all over her, but even that didn't help I do try Jake,, I cover her as much as I can, but she always complain.. I cant win friend. Humans, who would have them..

Mum said if its nice tomorrow, we will go up the mountain for a run in the car, then I can go out and run, well try, for mum says I have put on weight again. oh well. bet Sofi don't get into trouble like us Jake.

Have you had any luck yet to go out.?

Have you seen anyone next door yet. I do play with that cat next door, but my, she can be very nasty, and she spits. How dirty is that.. if we did that, we would get a wallop, well I would. 

Ok my friend. I am off now to take another nap. I do get tired of looking after mam. just in case something happens. she never says thank you Tyson for staying awake all night to protect her. Oh well.. that's life buddy.


Bye for now.. don't forget. write each month now.

this one is pretty isn't she....



Hi Tyson old pal,
How are things going?  Is Sofi getting squared away with your help?  I've written her to let her know that I think of her.  I'm sure it must be strange getting settled in.
I'm sure your Mum appreciates all the help you try to give her.  I don't like the cold myself.  I whine and whine and finally someone opens the door to let me out to run and I turn around and run back inside.  I've got several nice cuddly places and I hide away  and take a nap..  Oh the trip to the mountains sounds wonderful!
Too bad that cat doesn't want to be friendly.  It's just his or her way of saying they are unsure of what is going on.  Maybe when it gets warmer they will be more interested.  At this point I think I would make friends with a pig if they would spend some time and play with me.  Sigh...
You take care Ty, and watch out for Sofi.
Til we talk again.... your pal,

Hi Sofi

 How are things going?  Are you getting settled in with your new Mum? I've thought about how difficult it can be getting used to your new people.  And remember it is very important that you train them right in the beginning. Then as time goes by it will be easier to get your way about things. lol  

I think I have mine trained pretty well but sometimes they surprise me and won't jump every time I meow. But I'm sure you have everything figured out by now.  I hope you find some pals to play with too.  It gets very lonely when you don't have.

I'll be seeing you again soon.  Take care.

Your new pal
Hi Jake
Thank you for your lovely email to me I have never had one before and especially from a pussy cat. You look really kind though and I'm sure we will be good friends. I like your spotty coat with all the different colours in it, very smart.
I'm very happy with my new family, mum spoils me but is also firm with me when I do something wrong which isn't very often, but dogs will be dogs and need to do their own thing now and again. There are 2 cats and a dog living next door to me, I don't see them as their mistress is in work all day, maybe in the summer I will be able to play with them. At the moment I don't have to train my new family, I just give them a coy look and they melt. it's good being a girl dog sometimes, but I think Ty gets more fun than me being a boy dog.
Got to go and have my brush now, I'll write again soon.
Love and Hugs back to you.
Sofi. Yap, Yap.


Hi Jake

Wow, what a day I have had... I went to have my bath and nails done. And wow, I met a great dog there. He played all time with me. I was so tired, but he wouldn't give in. I think he just liked me, and we had some fun.. His mum told him to behave, because she couldn't brush me, and she had to get into the bath with me, lol You should have seen us,lol.. She didn't take her clothes of. Just got in with what she had on lol, it was great fun.  Some kids came in and had a good laugh.. I didn't mind. 

I also bit a mans bottom, but only a little bite, he came into my garden. So mum said I was a good boy. Lol. That man also dropped his bottle of wine, hahahha. Dad was so pleased with me, and he and mum said I was the bravest dog ever.

What do you think of that Jake... I am so proud.. I am sending you and Sofi a photo

I am the biggest dog. And my friend looks like a tiny bear....
He is cute..
Talk soon buddy. Oh and Sofi... Have fun.



Hi Ty,
Congratulations my friend!!!  Job well done!!!  I knew you were a big strong guy so good for you.  My Nana just had to tell me about it.  So now you area hero to your Mum.  Life is good.  Just don't get a swelled head and forget the next time that your help is needed. lol  No -- I know my good pal wouldn't do that. I admire you Ty --- may I have your autograph please.  :)
Meow,  purr,  meow, purr!!!
Your pal


Hi Tyson.

I can see you had a great time playing with your new pal, I like your photos, you look so handsome after your grooming your fur look lovely and cosy and warm. Makes me want to cuddle up to you.

I like it that you were kind to the little dog, I won't feel nervous about meeting you now I can see your gentle with little dogs like me. The man in the garden wasn't so lucky, but good on you to guard your mam, your a real hero as Jake says.
My mum says you have grown a lot since the last photo she had of you,  We will have to get together sometime, my mum will ring your mam to fix up a day when we can meet, it would be nice to go and have a run up the mountains your mam tales you to although I can't run as fast as you my legs are shorter.  

I hope you like the photo of me having my dinner. and the animation of me playing with my new toy.

Bye for now your new pal.

Sofi. Yap, Yap.


Hello Sofi.

Hey thanks for your mail, I was very proud when my mum gave me a special hug for nipping that man. Mum laughed when he told her he had small holes in his pants, but she told him, he had no right to be in MY. Garden, and he was drunk anyway..

Nice to have you on board friend. Your rather cute , I did have your photo, but you know I am very friendly with Jake, and have been for some time now, we tell each other everything, so hope you can do the same, Jake is rather special too. I don't know if he will like being friends with two dogs??? We will have to wait and see.

I will talk again soon... Once a month we are told, you ok with that mate. oh forgot to say... This cute cat is for you to play with..




Hi Ty.

I love the way you sit so regally in your photo, I can see why your mam is very proud of you. I bet that man won't come into your garden again in a hurry. But I'm sure your a pussy cat really, ( sorry I know your a dog, it's a saying means your gentle )

I've been out for a nice long walk today, a bit like the cartoon above, I walk next to my mum as she can't walk very fast because she has a bad back. But I look after her like you look after your mam.

I hope Jake won't mind having two dogs to write to, I won't get in the way honest, sometimes I might even leave a month if Jake thinks it's to much for him. He's a lovely pussy cat, I'm sure he is gentle as well and doesn't scratch people.

Mum says sending emails once a month to our page is enough as we are all busy with other things, but I'm sure if we had something exciting to say we can break the rules a bit.

Well I'm tired after my long walk so I'm getting in my cwtch for a nap. 

Lots of Love Pal

Sofi.   Yap,Yap


OH hi Sofi

Nice to here from you, I am sure Jake will enjoy your mail as I will. I am still mums proud boy, so I did something right at last .lol.

Today, I went for a walk with mum down the lane, and nearly got to the children play field, ( I love them ), but One little boy cried when I got to him, I only went for a sniff and a lick, the boys mum said she knew me and I was silly, What a thing to say to a child????? So he was ok then. Sometimes the children lets me play football, they scream when I run with the ball hahaha. I don't mind, they go mad ahahh...mum only lets me stay for a little while.

Thank you for saying how lovely I am, mum tells me that a lot, and so does Jake... Woof woof. I love having my photo done. So mum says she will take another one soon..oh boy. 

I shall keep my head up for you ok. I mustn't write to much, or Jake may feel left out.. So we will write again soon. Bye for now Sofi, take care, be good, and don't forget to tell us if you have any news or fun.

Woof woof. Tyson



Hello Tyson,
Wow!  Another month has flown by.  And I'm still waiting for warmer weather.
What a bummer winter is.  I'm sure you don't get to run and play as you would like to either.  (sigh)  We had snow and I went out in it for a few minutes yesterday.  But I couldn't wait to get back inside.. brrrr!!
Nana says she saw a couple of the neighborhood cats out in the empty field in front of us.  She says that they probably decide they wanted to hunt.  But they won't let me cross the street to go over there because they are afraid I'll get lost.
So what have you been doing with yourself?.  Did your pal from the spa come to visit you yet?  That would be fun.  And how about Sofi?  Does she get to come visit often?  Boy, I wish someone would come visit me so that we could play together.
Well Ty, just thought I'd drop by for a few minutes and see how you are doing.
Bye for now.... (meow! meow!)
Your pal Jake


Hi Jake

Hello there my pal.. Mum told me to tell you. she did something wrong with her laptop, and she seemed to have deleted your message to me. So can you send your message to auntie Hans, just to keep mum happy. I did see my new friend for a few minutes yesterday we went to the shop, and I said hello,

Sofi seems ok, don't you think, bet she has some tales to send.  As for me, things have been rather sad, I know mum can't walk to-far because of her lungs, so we have just been down the garden. Our weather has been bad anyway, I cant wait till we can go down the garden for the whole day, oh boy. then I will have things to tell you, but you will have to wait, I think.

Oh well, if something real funny happens. I will write you anyway. Ok, buddy.  mum has just put milk down for me, perhaps she thinks I am a cat..... Will write to Sofi now. bye for now good friend.

woofwoof, Grrrrrrowl....

Tyson.....lick.. lick.


Hi Sofi

Hi there, I just wrote to Jake, so must do the same with you.

Hey there, any news Sofi. We have been in a lot because of the weather, so have not got a lot to say..

Have you been doing anything pal, have your mum let you play around anywhere. Will your mum take you to the seaside when we have good weather? my mum will, I have promised her I won't pull on the lead, because she gets annoyed, I love doing that, lol. Mum smacked me once for doing it. I nearly pulled her in the river hahhaha, I love the water,, mum don't . If she smacks me again, dad said he would take me home to his place. I don't think I would like to leave mum. I know she loves me. and I do get my own way...dad keeps saying, Tyson lose weight.. that's not nice is it.. that's what my mum said.

OK. talk to you next month, unless something special happens. lol


Woof woof. Grrrrrrrrrrowl.



Hi Sofi

I hope you have settled into your new home now and have everyone under your command.  That is very important you know.  (purr, purr, purr!) They must know who runs the household.  Life will be much simpler when this rule is established.  lol 

I'm sure your winter weather is keeping you housebound most of the time like it does me.  (sigh)  I try to get out for a few minutes at least every day but when it's raining I don't.  I run around the yard and check another yard or two and search in vain for my little friends of the summer, crickets, bugs, frogs, butterflies.  And I can't find anyone... (sigh).  Even the favorite grass that I love to eat is not there.... I get so lonely without my friends.

Well I just wanted to check in and see how you are adapting. I'm sure you are happy so take care. And as my 'Nana 'tells me -- behave yourself and stay out of trouble.   :)

Bye for now (meow, meow)
Your new pal Jake
Hi Ty, Jake.

I'll have to answer both your emails together as my mum "Hans" was very busy putting lots of new things on this website of her's, she's like the man in the cartoon above sometimes when things go wrong, I'm sat by mum to make sure she writes my email to you both if I sit quiet I might get a treat..

I love the photo on your email Ty looks just like you as a puppy and Jake as a kitten, I go out most days with mum but she dropped something on her toe the other day and I'm grounded now, still go out with bros Pete though, I was very naughty and ran away from him yesterday, he told me off so your not the only one in the dog house Ty excuse the pun. Oh dear what is the grrrrrrrrrrrowl for are you angry with someone. I growl sometimes when someone tries to take my treats off me.

How are you getting on with your new flash mouse Jake, hope you haven't eaten it, I like the way you put your emails on lovely pages called Mary's Creations you should have a website to show them off. I didn't want to finish reading them as the music is so lovely. I can't wait for the Spring then I'll be able to scout around my new garden and area, I might find some frogs and things.

It's very cold here as well, no snow though, my mum says she would see me better in the snow as I'm black, when I go out in the garden last thing at night she can't see me, "good" I can be as naughty as I like then. he he,  You don't grrrrrrrrrrrrowl do you Jake pussy cats are more gentle than us dogs. Well better go don't want to fill up the page, I'll send you an email each next time. I've changed the spelling on my name, mum says it's easier to type she keeps forgetting to type in the O, that's humans for you, not as clever as us pets. 

Until March. Be good.

Sofi Yap Yap

Hello Tyson,
How are you my friend?   So what have you been up to?
Are you looking forward to Spring as much as I am.... oh, my goodness
I never knew that Winter would be so long..... sigh!!!!.  Where are all
of my critter friends - the crickets, the frogs, the bugs... I miss them
soooooo much!!!!  Meow, meow, ffft, ffft!!!!!
I don't get to spend much time outside with the cold weather and
I can't seem to find any of my cat pals.. meow!  Do you miss being
outside too Ty?  I bet your Mum takes you walking though.
We had snow yesterday and last night.  When I got up this morning everything
is covered with it.  It looks pretty but when Papaw finally took me out to the
garage and opened the door --- I didn't like it!  So another day of being
cooped up inside... sigh!!!!
Gosh Ty there is nothing going on here but the weather.  I hope
it is better over your way.    Think I'll  curl up and take a nap now. 
Take care my friend.
Big Hugs,
Your Pal Jake

Hello Jake and Sofi.

Well, I have had a busy time, since I wrote last time. My mum took me out to the seaside..Oh boy, I enjoyed that, mum told dad (its a nice day) so down we went. Now I love the seaside, but I did have a smack on my bottom, I didn't feel it really, Mum was mad, I seen this little dog, poodle mum called it, and it was yack, yack, yack. All the time. So I went to see it. I could hear mum call,  but I decided not to listen. Oh boy. What a day... We went running into the sea. Mum shouted and shouted. Hahah, I enjoyed it, I did have a row, because I was full of sand and wet.. Lol great. Was worth the smack...

Hey don't worry you two... It will be spring soon, then we can all have some fun.I run after a cat, it spat at me... I didn't want to play then.. Dad said I was a coward, whatever that is.. Oh, then we went down the cycle track... Ohhhhhhhhhh. I went straight into the river.. Then another dog came in,, we had fun.. The man helped mum get me out of the river. He said I was fat... I didn't like that very much....He said he would see mum again, down by the river, but she said I was not allowed until spring..

You will be ok soon Jake... Hey buddy, is that cat still next door to you? If so. Chase it when you can ok buddy..  Bet Sofi can tell us a few things... Hope she will write soon. I will go now to have a nap... 



Hi Boys

I'm late again with my email, I'll have to have a talk with mum, she's busy on these network things all the time.
Gosh we had some snow here alright, I even at to wear my coat as you can see, hope I don't look to much like a ninny in it, that means stupid Jake I know Americans have different saying to us. The snow was cold under my feet, had the coat but my feet were still cold. he he.
I had a great time when mum's grandchildren came to stay, we went to the beach and played fetch with a bit of driftwood, Mum said it would hurt my mouth and took it away, gave us a soppy ball instead, but it was great fun, didn't go in the sea although I wanted to.
Sorry you had a smack Ty for going in the sea, I wish I had been that poodle you were playing with, maybe we can go to the seaside when the weather is warmer, we're okay with our fur coats but our mum's will be cold if we go now. I get told off for yapping to anything that moves outside the postman gets it off me every morning. I'm sure you boys won't tell me off for yapping would you?
Don't worry Jake, your pals will be about soon, Spring is around the corner, we have daffodils growing in our garden, good sign it's getting warmer, I have been good and not eaten them. I wish you lived near us, there are 2 cats living next door, they run away when I go in the garden though, which is a shame I wouldn't hurt them, just play.
See you all next month, hope we have lots to talk about, it will be Easter soon and there will be choc's on offer I HOPE.
Love Sofi. Yap Yap.

Hi Sofi,
As you can see I'm just kind of 'hanging' this morning.  Meow!!!
You looked rather nice in your new coat out in the snow.  I'll bet your feet got
cold though.  Mine did when I tried to run and play in it.  Purr, purr !!!
That's nice that you got to play with the grandchildren.  Sigh --- we don't have
any children in our family anymore.  They all grew up and now we only
have old people.  Sigh...  and it gets lonely not having anyone to play with.
Oh I forgot to tell you that we have a neighbor on the street that has a small,
furry dog and his name is Mutley.  My Nana calls him Mr. Mutley and she
thinks he's cute.  Actually we are are about the same size except he is
heavier than me because he is small and compact.  He doesn't bark at me
when he goes by on the walks but I don't think he is interested in playing
because he is too busy smelling.  Like me smelling is one of my
favorite past times.  I'm sure if we were neighbors we would get
to be great pals.
Yes Spring is around the corner here too.  We saw Robins this week.  And it
is very, very windy here today.  Nana had to take down her wind chimes because
they were being blown about so hard.
My Nana says to tell your Mum that she is glad that
the foot is healed and knows that she is very busy on the computer, but
just wanted me to relay a hello to her.
I did get to see my other family this week end for a little while.  That is
my Nana's daughter (Deborah) and I call her 'Muver' because she and her
husband George were so kind to me when I was just a tiny kitten and
he had picked me up off a very busy highway to save me.  I call George 'My Hero'.
They love to see me whenever they can.
Hope all is well Sofi .... think I'll get back to napping.
Your Pal

Hi Jake Pal.
Great to hear from you, I wouldn't worry about just the old people around you their much better than some young ones to talk to, lots more experience of life, I love listening to mum's friends when they call in for a cuppa.
Mr Mutley sounds nice, maybe he will make friends with you in the summertime, we go out more then. Or maybe you could play with the robin in the meantime as long as you don't eat it. I'm fed up with this cold weather when I have to wear my coat, thanks for saying I look nice in it. You an see by the photo I sneaked out to the garden without my coat on, felt so good.

I had the dreaded Jab this week, don't know why they give it to us, do you get a jab every year Jake? Mum says I was very brave and didn't make a noise at all when the Vet put the needle in me, he tried to give me something like a treat after but I wasn't having any of it, you don't know what it might have been especially from a Vet.

I'm off to have a haircut on Wednesday, glad really you can't see my eyes, and it's getting quite itchy, mum thinks I might have flea's but its my thick coat that's making me itch. I'll get a photo taken to show you next month, only if I look nice in it though, you know what us girls are like where photo's are concerned if I look fat in it, NO WAY will I let mum put it on our page.

I found out when Easter Sunday is, it's on the 12th April, so I will wait until after Easter to write my mail so I can let you know if I had choc's or not, I expect it will be doggy choc's. Will you get choc's Jake I hope so, I wonder what chocs Ty will get for Easter, he loves chocolate. I expect he will let us know.

I'm having a sleep after my jab.

Love Sofi Yap Yap.



Hello there my friends..


Its April. wow. If I don't remind you. we shall not get on line to tell everyone what we have been doing....oh dear. what are you two like. Ok, kids. 

I have been again to the beach, but mum tried not to let me into the sea, ahahha I got in though, It was great, and I played with another dog, he was black, a little like me, mum said he was cross. I don't know why, I didn't say anything to him, only played.

I wrote a letter to my dad, want to see it. He is putting it in a frame he said, and he laughed and laughed... 
don't know why here it is.

Dear dad, I cant write this, because I can't put the pen in my paws, so mum is doing it for me. I am telling her 
what to write. I will be waiting for you to take me out today. Thank you dad. I love going out with you. I love you dad, and Jo, and my baby sister Lexi... I will lick her all over when she comes  to stay with you. Love you dad. your big boy ...Tyson.

What do you think of that, I don't think he should have laughed like he did...I have played with the cat next 
door as well. she comes around regular now, and mum says, she is used to me now. she does sometimes spit, 
how common is that, I shall have to teach her its rude to spit.

take care buddies. till next time... 

woof woof... Tyson.


Hi Guys,
Hope you both had a great Easter, I had some doggy choc's which were delicious, I think I'm going to have some more when I have eaten them all up if I'm a good girl.
We've had some really hot weather then cold and windy it's like that this time of year my Gia says, by the way mum is now Gia, Oscar her grandson came to visit and called her Gia so I know her by the name her grandchildren call her, it's short for Mamgu the u is pronounced e and the i in Gia as well, very confusing but I'll get the hang of it. Hope you like the photo of me and Gia, you can't see me very well because Gia is wearing dark clothes, my eye is shining with the flash.
I'm hoping to go to the seaside soon, it's only a few miles from where I live, still need the car to get there though, I'm very good in the car, not travel sick at all, I have my own place on the back seat.
Well boys I'm off for my walk now, Gia takes me around the block and Uncle Pete takes me to the big park with a stream in it, haven't fallen in yet.
Be Good
Love x Sofi.

Hello Tyson and Sofi,
Sorry I'm late and I will just send one letter for both of you.  My Nana has been sick for several weeks and hasn't felt like writing for me.  But she hates for me to disappoint my friends so she said we had better get this done -- today!!!
Sofi it sounds like you had a wonderful Easter.  I hope you didn't eat too much chocolate.  Yes sometimes the things we want so badly to do but are told me must not are worth the smacks we get.  lol  I'm sorry that the cat spat at you ---  sometimes we get scared and do that.  And I don't know what has happened to the cats in my neighborhood.  I can't seem to find them anymore. 
And Ty my pal I hope you have been getting to go outside some since your Mum has is not feeling well either.  I'm sure you take care of her like I do my Nana.  And I'm sure that the weather has changed for the better with Spring being here so hopefully you are getting some outside time.  I got into trouble with Papaw this morning.  I wanted to cross the street to the open field to chase a bird  and he saw me.  He scolded me and made me go back across into my yard.  I wasn't happy about that.  But he was afraid that if a car came whizzing by I might get spooked and run in front of it so even though I fussed about it I know he was thinking of my safety.
I hope you both are having fun and getting lots of rest.
Bye for now...
Hi there you two
Wow today its been great weather, so I have been out in the garden all day, mum was please, because she has been ill, and she isn't very good yet. I do try to help her, but she sais I can be a naughty boy, because I go near her bad leg, she says I am so big, I can hurt her badly, so I creep around her now LOL
My dad is taking me the pets parlour tomorrow. Whooppee.. My claws are long. And I cant wait to get into water. So I am going to be extra extra good.
Sorry  friends for not writing, but you know what  its like with mums don't you.? I will let you know how mum is, and how my day goes tomorrow, oh dear. I really cant wait. I wont sleep all night thinking of it.. The lady always has 2--3 other dogs there as well. So I should have fun, And she comes in the bath with me hahaha she is small so can fit ok.
Take care you two. Bee good and careful.
Will write again soon.




Hi Boys.

Sorry to hear your mum has been ill Tyson, hope she's better soon. How is your summer going, we had lots of sun last month but now it's raining everyday. I hope you like  the photo of me and Gia I'm behind the flower pots, I'm guarding Gia while she does her writing in her Ty Bach as she calls it, don't know why because us welsh call the toilet Ty Bach, but Gia says it translates into English as small house, so she has a point I suppose. She's writing books now would you believe it.

I've been a naughty girl and ate Gia's flowers, it's okay I didn't poison myself, they tasted really nice, but better not do it again or I'll be in the dog house for sure. I hope the sun comes out again soon I don't like the rain it makes my fur all wet, Gia has to dry me with a towel, I haven't been to the seaside a lot this year, but Pete says he will take me so I'll have to be a really good girl.

Cheerio for now.

Love Sofi x

That's all Folks. We hope you enjoyed reading our emails.

Tyson. woofwoof.. Jake. meow, meow.. Sofi. yap, yap..

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