AbdelMegid Khedhiri.


A Tunisian autodidact artist born in 1984 in the city of M'saken, near Sousse. He is currently a student of English at the 
University of Sousse. Most of his artworks are pencil and pastel drawings as well as oil paintings. His drawings are figurative 
with reflective style representing human figures with mysterious, inquiring expressions and looks or in a position that 
provokes pain and tension. His paintings are mostly landscapes. He stresses on perfection and depth in his landscapes, 
yet changing the natural colors into others from his imagination. AbdelMegid's participations in exhibitions are very rare, 
due to his lack of an acadamic formation. He writes poems, short stories, and currently writing a novel.

I am Muslim and I love Christianity also and interested in Judaism. I love Jesus and I read the Bible and the Quran. Actually,
believing in Jesus is a principle pillar for the Muslim faith; a Muslim is not Muslim until they believe in Moses, Jesus and all 
the prophets along with Mohamed. I listen to Muslim as well as Christian Sermons and I always learn something new for my life.


In Pursuit of a Nostalgia.

Hey you, Where to, running... and bleeding?
You left your mother and father squatting 
in the dark corner of the room?
Now you've fled, Now you wish to die?
You sigh? You cry? Now they both are dead,
And now you want to die? You think the 
bloodivoreswill let you live and love your life?

(This poem is dedicated to our brothers and sisters victims of war in Palestine & Israel and of civil wars in Congo, Kenya, Chad, and in many other places worldwide. )


My Wind

Silence is your gondola
And my heart is your Venice.
How could I dream of you?
How could you give me sight and pain?
Is it you my wings and my sky;
Or just a dream of a sheepless shepherd?


Phyche Painful Quest for Life

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