Camilo Villanueva.


Camilo Villanueva began to paint when he left behind his commercial activities at the age of 35.His art work is characterized by a 
strong contrast of colors and its visual impact. He lives in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina. Different reviews about this painter's 
work have been done: "(Camilo Villanueva) a kind of alchemist that accedes to a particular stage of his conscience which converts 
him in a vehicle to his superior intention, while he is working. Through his paintings, Camilo Villanueva provides energy, invites to 
dive and be transported, elevates that which is subtle and precipitates the tension, penetrating in deep spiritual messages of love 
and unity". "(Camilo Villanueva's work) Perfect and accessible graphic representations of the universe, which can be used as a door 
to the cosmos that changes the soul into something different and superior, to be able to find the evolution's clues. Acceding to 
Camilo Villanueva's art work, is an useful tool because it makes visible what is invisible and let us feel as part of the Creation. 

In addition, his work is a kind of holograms that possess the information of totality". This painter was invited to participate in an 
exhibition in Venezuela and Mexico in 1996. He also has been invited to another one in Punta del Este, Uruguay, called Galería de 
Arte Yango. In Argentina, he has exhibited his work in the Sheraton Hotel and Conquistador Hotel, both in Buenos Aires city. Also, 
his work has been seen in the Rural Association of Argentina, in the art gallery "La Maja" located in Patio Bullrich (famous shopping 
mall in Buenos Aires), in the Babilonia Art Gallery and also at the Italian Association, when he was invited by the National Visual Arts 
Bureau of Argentina; in the province of Córdoba (Argentina), Camilo Villanueva's paintings have been shown in two different art 
galleries, "Posta del Sauce" and "La Estancia". Due to his interesting exhibitions and their importance, he also has been invited to 
participate in different art related tv shows, in which important reviewers were present. These shows have been all favorable and 
considered as an interesting contribution to art.


Cielo Infierno

El maestro






Nuevo Continente

Nuevo Corazon




Camilo Villanueva

Villa General Belgrano
Córdoba | Argentina


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