Sue Clyne

Hi, my name is Sue Clyne and I'm a Fantasy Artist.


I live in Norwich where I was born. We have always lived close to the beautiful Norfolk countryside, so as youngsters, my 
friends and I could be found taking bike rides and walks to see the animals. I enjoyed sketching the horses along the way 
and to this day still enjoy those walks and taking pictures of the horses. Horse riding every Sunday, paid for with our hard 
earned pocket money, and galloping across the countryside still evokes warm memories of those long and lazy summer days.

My Early Years
From early childhood I have always been very creative and imaginative, drawing and making things, playing games with my 
friends. I would go to work with my dad and I remember bribing him into buying me a sketch pad or colouring book and a 
packet of Bon-Bons; he knew I'd be happy for the rest of the day. At the end of every school year I would proudly present my 
mum with the straight A's I had achieved in Art. I also enjoyed membership of the after school Art club. During my final year 
in school, my Art teacher begged me never to give up my art, but I couldn't wait to leave school to begin earning a wage! I 
have never forgotten the encouraging words of my Art teacher. Aged just eighteen I married young and soon had my first 
child. Two more children followed,and now, twenty years later and divorced, I've finally discovered who I really am.

My Art
I have no formal training, I am totally self-taught. My love of fairy and fantasy art has blossomed since admiring the work of 
great Artists like Brian Froud and the late Susan Seddon Boulet. The latter for her fantasy art which, I feel, is very similar to my 
own style. I began my painting with watercolours for their transparency and light, but found it unforgiving and not very 
tameable. Now I'm using Acrylics on largecanvases as the colours are more vibrant and I find I can better change and move 
the paint. Today I have exhibited my work at various venues in my area, such as the popular forum, castlemalland local 
"Mind and Body" fair's. After giving up my job recently, I can now dedicate my time to my love of art.


Magical Beings

Amethyst Crystal Fairy/16-20" Acrylic Original

Amethyst Crystal Fairy

Captured in middle earth../canvas acrylic 50/70

Captured in Middle Earth 



Merlin in middle earth 50cm\'s/70cm\'s 

Merlin in Middle Earth

Sugar and Spice and all things nice! 50cm's by 70 length/Acry

Sugarand Spice

Visions of Pastures Green/Large Acrylic

Visions of Pastures Green

Magic of Pegasus/ 4ft by 3ft original on canvas

 Magic of Pegasus

Spirit of the white horse

Spirit of the white horse

Fairy music dances/Small canvas Acrylic

Fairy Music Dances

Hypnotic Unicorn/SOLD 

Hypnotic Unicorn/SOLD


Spirit of the Native Indians

Bright eye's Acrylic Canvas 
 Bright Eye's

Dreamscape/ Original on canvas 100cm square 

Friends/ Barefoot. Original Acrylic on canvas. 50cm ac/70cm h 
 Friends/ Barefoot

Circle of life/ SOLD 
 Circle of Life/ SOLD

Eagle Eye/A4 Acrylic 
 Eagle Eye


Greeting Cards

 cat in ivy


 Aqua Calmer




Original Handmade Mugs

Ceramic Mug Fairy 
 Ceramic Mug Fairy

Ceramic Mermaid Mug 
 Ceramic Mermaid Mug

Cat in ivy Ceramic Mug 
 Cat in ivy Ceramic Mug

Freedom Horses ceramic mug 
 Freedom Horses ceramic mug

Frog princess/ceramic mug 
 Frog Princess ceramic mug

Hypnotic ceramic mug 
 Hypnotic ceramic mug

mermaid ceramic mug 
 Mermaid ceramic mug

Mermaid Ceramic Mug 
 Mermaid Ceramic Mug

Native indian ceramic mug 
 Native Indian ceramic mug

Blue Fairy Mug 
 Blue Fairy Mug

Enjoy my website and get in touch if you would like to find out where I am exhibiting.
Fairy Hugs Sue xx


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