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Artist, Writer, Peacemaker & Friend



Daniel L. McCree, 27, formerly of Sparta, Ill., died Monday, July 23, 2007, in Miami. He was born Nov. 21, 1979, in Chester, Ill.,
to Robert L. and Kayla Aaron. He was an artist, journalist, editor, landscape designer, tutor and mentor, as well as a fund raiser 
and volunteer to many causes and organizations. He traveled extensively throughout Europe and Spain, as well as Central
and South America. He was active with Bethany Place in Belleville and the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater 
St. Louis. Daniel was a miracle, plain and simple. Not the little kind, you find in the sun setting on birds clinging to a wire, 
but a big miracle, like you thought you were going to die, but amazingly caught a net on the way down.I have never been 
a writer, however soon after I met Daniel, periodically, I would be driven and words simply arrive on the page.Daniel was 
himself, a person who struggled with many things throughout his life. Nonetheless, anyone who ever encountered him 
would have been moved so efficiently. Inspired most likely.

He never had much money... in fact he may only have $10...period. But would insist, that the beggar on the street deserved 
it more than he. Daniel would give his own food stamp money to feed his neighbors, then come up short in the cupboard. 
That's Daniel, and it was the Universal Love he felt for others.One night, Daniel was walking to the train station, headed to
see me. I was going to meet him in my neighborhood about 10, but he called around 9:30, to say... he had an issue, and he 
would be late. When I saw him that evening, he explained that he came across a homeless woman, and it was cold out so 
he sent her back to his apartment, made her a sandwich, and put her to sleep in his bed, before running back out the door 
to visit me.

I say that Daniel didn't have much money, but he did have a wealth. Wealth of Universal Love, wealth of knowledge and 
understanding, and wealth of talent when it came to color. When it came to color, he felt it belonged on everything! In 
fact his art collection is found on basically anything from a furnace filter to the cabinets of a kitchen. Another facet of 
Daniel, is that to know him was to love him, almost instantly. Daniels favorite pastime, was to walk the three blocks to the 
train station, and "see where the wind took him". He wanted to meet people. More specifically, a love that could not be 
conquered. Sometimes the train would take him to the city, and he may wander into a nearby college campus, or he may s
pend an hour talking to someone at a bus stop, before returning home- yes home, with the homeless woman, Tonji (Tonya)
who became a fixture. And by some legend, still lives there today.

On the topic of Universal Love, I was always profoundly moved by his grasp of spirituality, and thirst for more understanding. 
"Spiritual Quest"is about the only way to describe the life of Daniel McCree. Profoundly so, that much of what he had to say, 
would have far reaching truths. He spoke of things yet to come-wisdom pulled from thin air.Don't get me wrong, Daniel 
never left his house without his Bible in hand. In fact, his family was driven crazy buying him Bibles, because he kept giving 
them away. Again, That's Daniel.

In late July, an old friend passed through St. Louis, and Daniel decided to return to Florida with him a few days later. While 
in Florida, Daniel had some amazing experiences.In many ways, I understand what lead to him deciding to go away. The 
difficult thing for me, is that I could never explain to anyone why, just that I understand. The spirit of Daniel McCree lives on 
in every person who's life he touched, and continues to touch. His family and friends, which he held so dear to his heart, are 
honored to have known him, and forever changed for the better. This world was a "pomegranate star" missing him while he 
looks for himself out there.

Daniel is survived also by many close friends, who remain very important to his life. In his travels, he touched so many lives, 
and will be missed by people around the globe.


Daniel In His Creative Zone


the creative works and spirit of Daniel McCree, foster 
a dialogue for those who were moved by his life,
while promoting the 7 Arts of Power: 
Literature ,Performing Art, Visual Art, Design Art, 
Decorative Art, Technological Art and Spirituality"


Update December 2007

December 1, 2007 A very special thank you to each of our visitors! The Family and Friends of this site, is whatcontinues it's 
development. ** Daniel McCree was recognized on November 29 during the "Remembrance and Hope Service" This service 
was held at Central Reform Congregation 5020 Waterman Blvd. 63108 @7pm. 314-276-8118 ** Daniel Will also be recognized 
during the World AIDS Day Observance on December 1, at 3pm at the Christ Church Cathedral 13th & Locust Downtown 
St. Louis, MO. (Music by the Gateway Men's Chorus) This service recognizes all those who have died; currently lives with 
HIV/AIDS or is a caregiver. 314-452-2025

As promised, we have updated the Art Gallery, as well as added a "featured selection page". ................here are several new 
developments to share this month, including a new video of Daniel, (Cufflinks & BK). You will also find we have updated the 
PHOTO pages, as well as added new video selections and even sneaked in a few new pieces of ART. We hope the visitors of 
DanielMcCree.Org will find it easy to pass through quickly for a visit, or delve deep into his life and experience. 

The Family and Friends of Danny McCree observed and celebrated his life in special remembrance on his recent birthday. 
(November 21, 1979) Our well wishes go out to all of his special "grapes" of his vine this Holiday Season. In the month of 
November, the site saw more than 1,900 views by 203 unique visitors and an average of 7 unique visitors each day. 
Year-to-date, more than 11,895 views. Average Views per day: 69

**NEW VIDEO of DANIEL - Share a few laughs with Daniel and and a Meal at Burger King. 
**New LAYOUTS - You may have noticed the front page has been updated, and there are new "Featured" Pages to 
Each Major Section of the website. The Video located on the MAIN PAGE will be updated every few weeks. 
Many of the past selections are retired to the Video Clips Section of the website. To Easily navigate formerly 
presented content, visit either the SITE MAP or the GLOBAL DIRECTORY.
** ART COLLECTIONS We have given the Art Collections a significant overhaul, and added a few new pieces. 
** VIDEO Pages Newly Added Videos in December: "Oh the Places You'll Go", Daniel Dennett, "Broken Road".


**Recently Sofy Encanto signed the guestbook? Sofy Encanto is a folk musician in Miami, FL. Daniel went to her concert on 
July 13th, and had a conversation with the band. When she heard about daniel, she was compelled offer her blessings.

**A writers group in the United Kingdom, have requested to feature a story about Daniel? Its True! Universal Love has 
requested to share his story with their readers. We will be sure to pass along how to view it, when/if it becomes published online.

** That DanielMcCree.Org actually has several "mirror" sites? A mirror site is a website address intended to redirect traffic to 
the main website. It also improves the sites placement within search engines. If you are a search engine geek, you may come 
across one or more of the mirror sites.

**FEATURED ARTICLE on DANIEL MCCREE - If you remember our mention previously, A writers group located in Wales, U.K. 
requested to feature an article and web page for Daniel and his story. ITS LOCATED HERE: http://www.universallove.co.uk/artistsdaniel.htm

St. Louis, MO
We wish to thank all of the visitors of DanielMcCree.Org.


Update April  2008

 In the month of March, DanielMcCree.org  had 484 visitors, and 1,636 page views.


New forApril2008,thesite has been updated extensively including a newly found video of Daniel, and new video features 
from TOM WAITS. Most importantly, several NEW PHOTOS of Daniel were contributed in March, and we are glad to have 
included them in our collection. (these photos were taken in 2002) Wedecided that April was the 'right time' to release the 
original writing 'Pomegranate Apple', which was among the final words he wrote in July of 2007.


this section has recentlybeen expanded. New in April, Pomegranate Apple(Pomegranate);A lasttestament of Daniel McCree. 
Much thought went into publishing this particular piece, as it was written just two days prior to Daniel's passing, on July 23, 2007.

**New Original ARTWORK**
Apologies first, we are STILL behind in  our work,  but have updated the 'featured selections'  we have a few new original pieces will be added soon.  

ThisFEATURE was addedon both the MAIN PAGE, and under 'Charity Organizations', asDaniel was very active in the MCCGSL community,
we have made the Sunday webcasts available to the visitors of DanielMcCree.Org for more information visit- www.MCCGSL.Org


Have you missed previous issues of the newsletter?  Or are interested in details of the websites visitors and traffic?   These are now available for download online, as PDF files.

We invite everyone to visit or re-visit us, and see what's new.   
For additional information, or to participate in the foundation, contact: editor@danielmccree.org 


Update May  2008.

Dedicated to:
Daniel L. McCree

by Colby Kluthe
United States

Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2008 10:46 PM
Subject: 2008 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Dear Friends,
Today, in commemoration of the 2008 International Candlight Memorial celebration in St. Louis, MO; 
Our beloved Daniel McCree will be remembered as an active member of our community.  
His name will be read aloud during the celebration, with a candlelight vigil to follow.
This event will take place at 7pm, at Mokabee's Coffeehouse,
 located at Grand & Arsenal, in South St. Louis.
Attached you will find DANIEL MCCREE, as he was added to the Global Memorial. 
If you would also like to light a candle for the memorial you may go to this link to do so:
Peace and Shalom, Colby


Update August 2008.

New original art from Daniel.

Spirit of One.

From the editor:

We've updated a few things this past week, to Including new Videos, Artwork, and also Recently added new original writing.

Here are some quicklinks:

http://www.danielmccree.org/effort.aspx (NEW WRITING)

http://www.danielmccree.org/triplets.aspx (RETURNING FEATURE VIDEO)

http://www.danielmccree.org/sketchwork.aspx (NEW ART SECTION)

**New Videos have been included to the Landing Page, including "Ol '55" from Tom Waits. This classic, was among Daniel's 
favorite songs, and has been on the playlist since late last year. Also see "Gocchur Rings?", a video tribute to the olympic swim team.

**NEW ARTWORK- as you know, we are always finding new pieces of Daniel's original artwork, and have actually yet to exhibit all 
that remains in the collection today. So you never know when something new may pop up. Currently we are "bringing out" a 
sketch he drew on graph paper. The book at one point included various mathematical equations, D-QASHUNS if you will.

**A great Story- As you may also know, the website has long since participated in a link share site, to help us find new readers. 
Link Referral, at one point made up 40% of our readers, today there are more visitors, and thus less a part of our readership. At 
any rate, we often receive "reviews" regarding our content.

This was actually the second time this question was raised, in that we do not "Banner" throughout Daniel's site, how exactly he 
passed away. In both cases, the visitors were compelled to "find out", and became frustrated, its not written in black and white. 
I was more than happy to explain to the why.

For those of you who may wonder yourselves- Its planned that way. Because Daniel never saw life in terms of "Black & White", 
but a larger mystery, one must actively seek the answer to.

I first tell them, that it would be EASY for us to simply write it ourselves, but preferred to let Daniel tell the story in his own words. 
And leave them with the friendly challenge, that the whole story is there.


Update September 2008

Newly Featured Artwork :

his original work, is untitled, but remains among the original collection. it does have a three dimensional aspect to it, with 
the feather-like head of the bird. Here is a quicklink. http://danielmccree.org/artcollection.aspx


Update October 2008

Many of you already know what an honor it has been to have developed DanielMcCree.org. For in knowing Daniel, my life 
would never again be the same as it was. Over the past year, the website began to take on a life of its own. It was Daniel, 
that insisted I return to MCCGSL nearly ten years after I first visited. And in his untimely death, much as in life, he was very 
persistent as to what I was to do. Including the development of his website, and my involvement in MCC churches. Daniel 
himself, took a 45min train ride, and a 3/4mile walk to get to St. Johns nearly every Sunday. So MCC really became my church 
home through knowing him.

So I was of course honored, when I was asked to take part in the development of The Hope and Help Center, as a way to 
further the causes Daniel himself felt so strongly about. Let us not forget he took in a homeless woman, and tended to spend 
his food stamp money on his neighbors. So the powerful concept known as THE HOPE AND HELP CENTER, is a ministry of MCC 
of Greater St. Louis, and hopes to become a community resource center for anyone that may be in need. Once again, it too has 
taken on a life of its own, opening up possibilities not yet imagined. I wanted to take note of the websites Launch, and know 
that Daniel's spirit has once again shown itself through the Holy Spirit within each of us.

Colby editor@danielmccree.org


See Also: http://buildingtogether.mccgsl.org


Update November 2008

As we prepare to celebrate Daniel's upcoming Birthday, we will be exhibiting several NEW pieces to the gallery. 
Here is an example. Look for the update on November 21st.




Featured Art for December.


Update February 2009

We have dug out some original artwork to feature for the month of February. I remember somewhat, the story that goes 
with this piece. Daniel became very sick in 2003, with HIV, and as he told it, he nearly died at that point, but upon revival 
at the Hospital he was staying in, he told me this was his first painting, and that it was derived from a dream, he had and 
represents some actual places in his life. (places he lived).... It seems as if he attributed the small house in the bottom left 
as his Grandmothers. However, I could be inaccurate on that. We are glad to present it, and "call it out" for this month's feature.



Update March.  2009

The Justine PETERSEN Staff Tour, of the justBIZ facility (EMERSON PARK METRO STATION

A Note From The Editor:

The past month has brought many changes, and challenges. If you are among our readers that have followed the progress 
of MCCGSL as we prepare "a place to call home", you have witnessed a few miracles along the way. With a loan reduction of 
more than 400K, and a further delay and shortfall of an additional 300K. This had put the construction at 1919 S. Broadway 
on hold temporarily while God planed a new direction for us. Alas, the table has been set, and overflows with bread for our 
Pictured above, is the staff of justine PETERSEN on our recent tour of the justBIZ location. As you know, I believe this place at 
the Emerson Park Metro station, is very much a place Daniel would have used on a regular basis, offering computers and 
internet access and more. It has been an honor to be the full-time staff here, and think of Daniel every time I see a train pass. 
I intend to display some of Daniel's Artwork at justBIZ, as soon as I can decide which piece will fit in best.

Also new in March 2009, The Daniel McCree Art Gallery has partnered with MYSLART.org to offer some original works to the 
online consortium of local artists. We are proud to announce that Daniel has his own Gallery at  www.MySLART.org . We are
currently working on some site renovations that will feature prominently this collection, and the MySLART collection. 
Currently you will find the Gallery under "CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS" http://danielmccree.org/charity.aspx


Update June  2009


A note from the editor:

Wow what a month it has been for the Foundation! Its difficult to know where to begin. Perhaps a first mention should be
our participation in Metro East Pride in Belleville on June 20th. DanielMcCree.org was a proud event sponsor, and glad to 
have exhibited Daniel's artwork before the estimated 2,000 visitors for the event. Pictured above, we were proud to present 
DOUG PRICE, a Bethany Place volunteer, with one of only two authorized reproductions of Daniels Artwork. Mr. Doug Price, 
and Daniel remained very close and worked as colegues in the arena of literary arts.

June 21st, Marked the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, and first Worship Service held at 1919 South Broadway, with Daniel's church 
family at MCCGSL. As you may recall, Daniel was commemorated on the slab of the sanctuary, prior to its completion, and I 
must say his spirit clearly resides in the new building, complete with the baby blue ceiling. If you haven't attended a sunday 
worship at MCC, it is certain to replenish your spirit.

New Developments in the near future~ We have begun our second phase of preserving original works, and are proud to 
announce we will be offering new artwork exhibits throughout the next year, with a special dedication exhibit in about a month.
We are also in the beginning stages of partnership with the St. Louis LGBT Community Center to develop a special Art Exhibit, 
as the monthly featured artist. We are tentatively anticipating this exhibit will be in August 2009.


Update December 2009

A letter from the Editor:

As we draw to a close with the year of 2009, we have spent much time in reflection of the changes we have each undergone 
over the past year, and also come to reflect on the fact that nearly two and half years ago, our lives would take a sharp turn in 
another direction. For the Daniel McCree Foundation, 2009 was a year of considerable progress, having unveiled two new art 
galleries of original works, our work with 
The Hope and Help Center, has been able to offer useful information a resources regarding Health & HIV, as well as referral 
services for utility, rent & other assistance available throughout our region. By summer of 2009, we reached perhaps the 
pinnacle of the year, with our sponsorship and hosting of Belleville's 2nd Pride Event (Metro East Pride), and made further s
teps towards leadership in 2010. I am proud to serve as the Vice President of Metro East Pride for the 2010 term, which will 
expire in June of 2010.

On September 11, 2009, the Daniel McCree Foundation was registered as an Illinois Charitable Trust, with the further goal 
of becoming a fully tax-exempt 501c(3) Non- Profit in 2010. In this regard we have secured three Executive Board Members, 
including Daniel's Mother Kayla Kistner, of Rosewood Heights, IL and long time supporter James Ferguson of St. Louis. 
Members at large include Ms. Tess Farnham, of St. Louis, who will also serve as an officer in 2010. The primary focus of our 
Board of Directors, will be to ensure the renewal of the domain annually, the Preservation of our Art Collection, and 
authorization of any and all reproductions on behalf of the foundation. The Board will also direct activities, fundraising 
events, and direction in which those funds should be utilized. Several concepts have come to light, including an Art 
Scholarship for a student in Sparta, IL. 

On December 1st, 2009 The Daniel McCree Foundation, in conjunction with Metro East Pride, made a presentation to Bethany 
Place of Belleville, and donated a rare piece of Daniel's Artwork which was replicated for permanent display on the walls of 
the Bethany Place Facility. This was an honor to present to Angela Barnes, Executive Director, as well as to have many Family 
& friends in attendance; including Daniels Mother, Kayla, and Daniel's younger brother Stephen Farris.

It was both an honor and privilege to meet Stephen for the first time, and look forward to future events where we may 
again connect. We do still have a few pieces of Artwork to bring out before the end of the year, so keep an eye out for it,
We will add it to the JUPITER DROPS Gallery, and will also publish the Site Reports reflecting the traffic data throughout 2009.


Colby Kluthe, editor- Daniel McCree Foundation

2010 Board of Directors

Colby Kluthe, President / Editor-in-Chief
Kayla Kistner, VP Community Relations & Art Preservation
James Ferguson, Director of Records / Secretary
Tess Farnham, Board Member at Large/ Director of Creative Outreach
**JOIN OUR LEADERSHIP FORUM ~ contact us at editor@danielmccree.org
Anyone interested shall be considered.


Update August 2010

From the editor:

Over the past three years now, I seem to always cross paths with things that remind me Daniels spirit remains with each of us. 
For those of you who have known me a long time, you know that I spent 8 years working for Hard Rock Cafe, opening the 
St. Louis location in 1998, as well as a transfer to Las Vegas in 2000. Upon a recent visit to the St. Louis Cafe, I was excited to 
see they had rotated the memorabilia that was original in 1998, and while randomly selected from a warehouse in Orlando 
Florida, they chose to place "My Chemical Romance- Welcome to the Black Parade" items in a very prominent location.

It can be said that the more you look for such "miracles" the more you will find. From the video selections you may find on 
facebook, to the Artwork I look at today, and understand even more, what Daniel's point was. I recently looked at a piece as 
I hung it on the wall, and saw the same hand as always, but now it dawns upon me its "Red Handed", lol Only Daniel thought 
to express through art this way, making it a complete blessing that I came to understand the "wordplay" he often incorporated 
into his creative side.

The secret is to sometimes call out what you see, and you may understand what it being said. The selection this month, is oil 
on canvas and was situated above the refrigerator at his apartment in Belleville. Titled: Above the Fringe, Above the Fridge, 
it remains among my favorites. As always, thanks to our many supporters, and i want to welcome our 230 followers on Facebook. 
Each of you play an important role in our mission.

"The mission of DanielMcCree.Org is to share with the world,
the creative works and spirit of Daniel McCree,
foster a dialogue for those who were moved by his life,
while promoting the 7 Arts of Power:
Literature ,Performing Art,Visual Art,Design Art,
Decorative Art, Technological Art and Spirituality"

Someone recently requested we should "clarify" our mission, and after some consideration, and review, I came to the 
conclusion that our mission is not only clear and defined, but I think we hit it spot on, and our mission should not change 
at all. Through our work with Metro East Pride, our outreach online and visiablity in the community has made great strides 
towards this mission, and continues to offer us clear direction in what our purpose is. Much thanks to our Board of 
Directors, and to all who support our endeavors!


Colby Kluthe


Update November 2010

Happy Birthday Danny Boy!


November 21, 2010
"The mission of DanielMcCree.Org is to share with the world, the creative works and spirit of Daniel McCree, foster a dialogue for those who were moved 
by his life, while promoting the 7 Arts of Power: Literature , Performing Art, Visual Art, Design Art, Decorative Art, Technological Art and Spirituality"

We set today aside to celebrate the 27 years of Daniel McCree's life, and remember the contributions of his life and spirit over the past 3 years. To put it in Daniel's own words:
‎"A silent stare is what the outside world must view while I'm walking through this. My
life's work has been to record my story in my own way using whatever
avenues communication or _expression will serve the purpose. "




DanielMcCree.Org Newsletter


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