Joćo D. Filipe


Joćo, Ana and Mónica with the Pope John Paul II in the Vatican on January 3,1991


Throughout his life Joćo D. Filipe has always been intrigued and involved with art. Descendent of craftsmen he was 
born, February 27, 1959, in a medieval town in Portugal; surrounded by historical cities such as Tomar, Coimbra, and 
Castelo Branco, treasures of Roman, Gothic, and Baroque culture. From the mountains he moved with his family to the 
seaside near Lisbon. There, at the age of 10, one day his mother (an embroideress, for sixty years) presented Joćo to a 
young Spanish artist named Kiko Arguello. An impressive and inspired encounter.

In 1973 Joćo set up an atelier of painting willing to be an artist for his whole life. Later on, he began to study the mysterious 
art of the byzantine icons in private studios, with artists from Portugal, Spain, and Italy; at the same time studying law at the 
Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon University). While working in the port of Lisbon, Joćo was also self-employed as a painter, 
photographer and graphic artist, prior to his coming to United States.


On January 3th, 1991, Joćo and his family were personally commissioned, along with other families of the Neocathecumenal 
Way, by Pope John Paul II in the Vatican. They were sent to America, as a lay missionary family, for the New Evangelization. 
With their call as a family in mission ever present, beginning in the Lituanian Parish in Newark, the Filipes set up a studio 
of painting -icons in the Byzanthine classic style, and restorations- in different locations, in Newark and West New York, 
New Jersey. He traveled by Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, England, Holland, Dominican Republic and Brazil.

News and Interviews of the family have appeared on local newspapers and on television, channel 9 UPN (New York area) 
on October 1 and 2 of 1992. Also a coverage of the life in mission was made by a Portuguese television station, SIC., on 
August 19th, 1997. Joćo, with his wife Ana, and their children, Joana, Madalena, Mariana, Mónica, Thomas and Sophia then 
moved to Houston, Texas where Martin was born (5/26/2000). There, living among the ranches and refineries, Baroque 
music was heard, again, from within Atelier Filippe.


Currently Joćo is doing commissions in Europe. The Filipes, with the addition of Catarina and newborn Vicente are in Portugal, 
living in Cascais. Joćo has his art studio in Lisbon in the historical 17th century Chiado district. Starting in 1976, Joćo Filipe has 
been a member of the Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes (National Society of Fine Arts) in Lisbon. In U.S.A Joćo joined the STP, 
Society of Tempera Painters,Santa Fe, NM; ASOPA, American Society of Portrait Artists, The American Society of Religious Artists, 
Colinsville, Il;Americans for the Arts, New York, NY; VAA, Visual Arta Alliance, Houston, TX.

Joćo with Mr. C. Andrade, on April 15, 1995
presenting an icon to Theodore E. MacCarrik,
Cardinal of Washington D.C.
(former Archbishop of Newark)


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