Lorenzo Cassa.


I was born in Phoenix Arizona in 1955 to Chester and Geneva Cassa Manuel and was raised on the San Carlos Apache Indian 
Reservation. I am a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, of the "Red Jagged Rock Protruding Darkly" clan. The clan 
originated from one of the two main Apache groupings situated in the Southwestern United States. This group included the 
Aravaipas, Pinalenos, Coyoteros, White Mountain and Tonto Apaches. and other local bands. These groups are situated on 
what is now the San Carlos and Fort Apache Indian Reservations in east central Arizona and the smaller Tonto Apache Indian 
Reservation near Payson Arizona.

After learning of my artistic ability at a young age, I began to sketch objects around my environment, not often but it gave 
me an interest. I created drawings of people and native characters. My art education includes studies in Junior High, High 
School and College. In 1976, I enrolled at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe New Mexico and received an 
Associate of Fine Arts Degree in 1978. I continued studies in two-dimensional design at the Atlanta College of Art in Atlanta 
Georgia. I attended courses in Wildlife and Business Management at the Gila Pueblo College and the University of Phoenix 
in Arizona. "Before I start a new painting, I go into prayer and ask for guidance and the path I should undertake for that 
particular project. Every painting is a personal spiritual journey for me, in that by continually embracing the initial inspiration 
of a depiction given me, my mental sense of purpose to my objective remains intact, thereby not misguided by outside 
influences unsupportive or irrelevant to the overall statement of my image for integrity and innocence.

I am always overwhelmed and rewarded by the potency of my passion for realistic rendering, seen in the people’s faces, 
mesmerized after viewing my paintings as it beckoned them into the story they interpreted. I want to let my art speak for 
itself in however way it appeases or transcends the viewer from the pressures of life to a peaceful state of mind, while 
captured to the moment in time depicted. I think that is an ability few artists are able to attain. I love this painting from 
the heart where my models are reverted to the traditional history of the daily task of Apache survival without the bells 
and whistles. Of course that makes me an eccentric artist when it comes to what many define today as two dimensional 
Native American fine art, but I would have it no other way. "


"The grandeur of two dimensional design is how unique you can duplicate an original, painted only by God."





Butterfly Basket

Mothers Faith Garden.




The Guide





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