Mary Arneson.


Mary Arneson is a self-taught artist who resides in Colorado Springs, CO. Her passion for painting birds, animals and 
flowers comes from a strong love of Nature. Using enamels, she paints on glass for function and fun. From her usable 
wine glasses to her home decor vases, each custom handmade piece is created for your personal enjoyment or a special 
gift for any occasion. For Mary, life began in La Crosse, Wisconsin, a beautiful small city situated on the Mississippi River. 
Over the years, Mary’s life adventures took her to Texas, Colorado, Northern California, and finally back to Colorado, where 
she happily resides with her husband, cat, and four Pomeranians. 

Her first creative outlet was to teach herself to crochet. Quickly tiring of making scarves and blankets, she taught herself 
to knit. Creating sweaters gave her the artistic outlet she craved and she has become a master knitter who can design a 
sweater while actually knitting it. It was when she returned to Colorado that Mary’s artistic talents and abilities surfaced 
with a vengeance. 

With the purchase of an 1884 Victorian house, Mary and her husband have spent the past several years restoring and 
adding to this historical dwelling. As part of her home decorating and redesign, she began ornamental painting and 
etching glass, using stencils she designed. Glass etching and decorative painting very quickly drew her into her present 
endeavors. Mary has taken a few basic drawing classes but as with her knitting, she is essentially self-taught and her work 
is inspired by her personal insight and her faith in God. (Psalm121:1-2). 

Using glass as her canvas, Mary brushes on her designs using her emotions, imagination, and life experiences as her guide. 
Every piece is signed and then baked to set the paint and lock the image onto the glass. While a set of wine glasses may 
have uniformity, each is different from the other and unique. Because her mix of paint colors is distinct for each project, 
“sets” of wine glasses or tableware are painted at the same time to ensure color and brush stroke uniformity. Whether you
are gifting a friend or yourself to one of Mary’s delightful originals, beautiful art deserves special care. Never scrub or soak 
any hand painted item, but rather gently hand wash in warm soapy water and gently dry with a soft towel. To quick clean
and remove smudges or fingerprints, gently wipe the glass with a dry micro fiber cloth.



Examples of Mary's Paintings


Green Butterfly Wine Glass

Sunflower Wineglass

Margarita Glass

Champagne Flute

Rose Bowl


Chickadee Frame

Butterfly Frame

Red Cardinal Vase

Bear Cub Vase

Sunflower Ceramic Vase

Lilacs Ceramic Vase

Tulip on Wood

Trees on Wood

Lion on Canvas

Poppy on Canvas


I just had to share the following with heart was so deeply touched.


Early December I received a request....Stephanie (From Massachusetts) wanted to know if I would consider painting six 
wine glasses with a butterfly on each of very specific colors and she would gladly pay extra. My answer, of course, was 
yes, but a definite no to the extra payment. 

Stephanie had been looking for a very special Christmas gift for a family that lost their 10 year old daughter/sister in 
October to cancer. Maddie loved butterflys and the colors pink, yellow, and blue. Maddie also love to paint bright and 
cheerful pictures. Also, Maddie knew that if she died, she would be with God so she wasn't afraid. 

Armed with that information, I set out to paint three different butterflys....a set of two per butterfly. When the glasses 
were complete, I decided to picture one from each set on a note card. Then, God touched my heart to write the following 
piece for Maddie and her family and print it on the inside of the card:

A wisp of a breeze flows by my cheek, telling me you are near.
Your spirit is alive within my heart.  You're sailing on butterfly wings.
Your time with us was short and sweet, your laughter rings true in my ear.
I hear your giggles, eyes sparkling wide, as you flutter on butterfly wings.
Maddie, my love, I know you are safe and your pain is forever gone.
I see you at play or painting all day, then soaring on butterfly wings.
Only God knows why he called you home so early in your young life.
We'll be with you some day, not so far away.  We'll gather on butterfly wings.
For Maddie and Her Loving Family

 Mary Arneson

It's always amazing to me how God uses us when we least expect fulfill someone's dream, or help mend a broken 
heart.....I love it when He uses me to touch someone in need. As a cancer survivor, I was so honored to have been chosen 
to paint these very special glasses for this family. I just wanted to share this with you because it was a very special request 
placed in my care. 


There is one other piece that I want to share so it can also be added.  Here it is: 

After I had begun painting the set of wine glasses, Stephanie sent me a small laminated card. These cards had been 
handed out at Maddie's funeral. On one side of the card is a picture of Maddie and on the other is something she wrote 
during one of her rounds of chemo and other treatments. The arrangement of the words and spellings are hers....nothing 
has been changed: 

You know God is waching you...

no mater where you are...
He blessed me with all he has...
I know that he loves me...
And I know he will always
wach over me no mater what...
So I know that I'm safe...
no mater what hapins.
I love God
Hes the Best


I believe this says it all, don't you? Her absence from her family creates a personal grief, yet they celebrate that 
Maddie's name is most surely inscribed in God's Book Of Life. It would be an honor if you shared my last email 
and this with others....I also believe it can be of comfort and learning and maybe even life changing for others.
With much love and gratitude, 




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