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ZMZ is an artwork company who is specialized in the complete process of the production, market and service of handmade 
unframed painting, decorating painting, oil painting of different motifs. We mainly provide paintings and decoration services 
for the Drop Shipper, Gallery, Family, Hotel, Gift Company, Decorating Company, Some Parties and Government. With the 
principle of “High Quality, High Credit”, ZMZ has gone a long way of painting business. We are keeping a good global market 
and the works of our artist have been sold to many places of the world.We cooperate directly with the most excellent and 
talented artists around the china, collect and manage their works and exhibit them in our virtual gallery. We regularly hold 
online exhibitions and invite the authoritative artists to impartially select the most outstanding works, from which we discover 
new art talents. Thus works of those artists with great gift can be collected and appreciated by art collectors and lovers all over 
the world via Internet with a rational price. Through the help of the latest electronically technology in disposing images, each 
painting in our online gallery is as vivid as the real one. Every painting can be viewed down to the most particular details and 
colors, presenting the best artistic result. 

We have our own stable production ability and we have excellent cooperating Galleries and artists providing us the highly 
qualified paintings. Meanwhile, “ZMZ” has its own stretcher processing factory which is specialized in processing the standard 
stretcher and frame, thick stretcher, special stretcher for oil paintings of different specifications and the wood block. These are 
our prominent price advantages which decide we can provide best price and large profit space for our clients. We are sure that 
we will be an excellent partner/supplier of you for long-term cooperation. “Professional” “Credit” “Advanced Management
”& “Best Price” are always our principles. Let us cooperate with each other to develop the vigorous oil painting industry and 
explore the great market of it. The Bright Future is just in our hands! We have been persisting in “take people as the foremost” 
and attaching importance to the exploring, training and managing of talents. We have many excellent artists whose creation 
styles are different with each other. We also have good close cooperating relationship with the local art colleges and send
our own artist to these famous colleges for further training and communication with the professors. These principles help 
us get much different new originality which offers a long-standing support for ZIMA.

We can provide the service as oil painting reproduction, originality design, frame matching. We welcome the order of any motifs 
such as the portrait, landscape, still life, flower, animal, seascape, garden, streets, decorating oil painting, storefront oil painting, 
portrait of classical character, classical landscape, classical still life, impressionism portrait, impressionism landscape, the indoor 
scene, Mediterranean, sail boat, impressionism painting, realistically painting or abstract painting etc. We also welcome the small/
single orders, such as the portrait with abundant local color, the paintings according to the images of some commemmorable 
photos you provide for example, the wedding photos. We can provide you reproduction of the paintings which you like best (
of course need your sample of the excellent paintings you like) and designing a painting according to the motifs you want.

Meanwhile we really pay important attention on the creation and propaganda of the original works.      


To offer you better services, you can now visit ZMZ online art museum with thousands of original artworks, 
discounted reproduction oil paintings, exquisite frames and Chinese paper-cut works, etc.


Cangxiang Road,134, Haicang District, Xiamen. Fujian P.R. China.
Postcode: 361026




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