Phillip Poole.

Phillips paintings are comtemporary, abstract and visionary


Phillip Poole was born on the 14th of January 1986. He is a writer and a painter. His written work is influenced by many 
great writers such as Charles Bukowski, Jean Paul Sartre, Dostoyevsky etc. Recently his first poetry book was published, 
the title being called "It's grey and it's cloud, The last tunnel". This book is a compilation of Poetry and two short stories 
that are raw observations of life and the struggles within the human mind. Below is a sample of some of his poetry to date.
Also a painter Phillip Poole is influenced by many great artists such as Don Van Vliet and Friedensreich Hundertwasser. 

An example of Philips Art


  "Cast A Blue Curve" (c) 2007                   "Sunshine Foot Glow" (c) 2007
    Medium: Acrylic On Canvas                        Medium: Acrylic On Canvas      


"King Fishing" (c) 2008                       "Despite My Little Red Shoes" (c) 2008
    Medium: Acrylic On Canvas                        Medium: Acrylic, Oil Pastel On Canvas

An example of Phillip's Poetry.

Without The Barrier Of Difference

The fox played gingerly with the moon
Jumping, hop scotch between the light
And the shadows
How pleasant it must have been for
The two of them seeking comfort
In one another

Without the barrier of difference
Becoming an issue
And starting another war
Or something like that.
P.Poole (c) 2008


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