Randall D Boni

Artist and Craftsman


Mr. Randy Boni ~ Carving Full Time Since 1989

Mr. Randy Boni, is commissioned by commercial, public, and private property owners around the country to sculpt dying 
or damaged trees into high profile landmarks. Using primarily a chainsaw, Boni is regarded as one of the most proficient 
chainsaw artist in the country. Boni has always depended on wood for his livelihood and has a deep respect for trees, 
conservatism, proper forest management, and safeguarding nature, not destroying it. "If a tree is dying or has to be taken 
down, I feel I'm preserving some remembrance of the tree with my carvings," he stated.

Randy Boni is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Boni, of Ridgway Pennsylvania. Growing up near the Allegheny National Forest, 
the wildlife such as deer, bear, red tailed hawks, palliated wood peckers, and elk, have offered realistic references for the 
wildlife reflections found in Randy's work today. "I'm fussy about realism, proper proportion, and I try to bring life into the 
creatures that I carve," stated Boni.

Boni denies attributing his three dimensional skills, to his blindness that he endured for over 30 years of his young life. 
"My twin brother and I were born with a hereditary condition known as cataracts. We were legally blind, and could not 
see well enough to play ball, or fit in all that well with sport endeavors, although, we sure tried. All of us kids went to 
Catholic school until ninth grade, then we attended public school. Gym, art, and woodshop were my favorite classes." 
Boni continued to say he enjoyed drawing, spinning clay, carving soap, and using his hands to create dimensional form. 
Surgery on both eyes, allowed Randy to see for the first time when he was in his late 30s. "The very first thing I did, was 
run out to East Branch Dam to see the thick cable draped across it. People used to ask me (astonished), 'you mean you 
can't see that cable?' I couldn't even see that a leaf had veins, or flowers had individual peddles. . I can see now, and I 
know how fortunate I really am," stated Boni.

"My whole family is creative, they carve, play music, paint, throw pottery, build kayaks, and my sister Becky has a way with 
horses. We all have built our lives around our creative passions. My brother Rick and his wife Liz have started their very own

Appalachian-arts located in Ridgway, where people can visit or take a classes if one should want a creative experience,
" Boni continued. The artist is happy within his creative lifestyle. Although very humble, quiet, and understated, he stated 
that he never prays for money, he just prays for work instead. Expressing how much he loves what he does, he hopes to 
work until old age. "I'm a fool about it, I've built my life on creative expression," replies Boni.

Boni landmarks are sprinkled all over the country offering lasting impressions to viewers. "I love what I do, I'll leave a little 
something behind when I'm gone," stated Boni, as he carves out his legacy one landmark at a time.

Examples of Randy's Sculptures in Wood.




Randy at Work






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Woodshop:  856.607.9155         Office:  423.613.9673

Parrottsville,  Tennessee

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