Tomas Karkalas.


We are the bearers of the Light that shines within us, and thus not one of us has the right to claim that miracle for self! 
All I can to say about myself is just to confess: I was born in 1955 and I am still alive. I have arranged a lot of personal art 
shows - but I am fifty already! I had luck to be born in Kaunas but I started school in Vilnius - I finished it in Klaipeda. 

We all were born somewhere, but is it the merit of us? The only thing that matters is how we are using the knowledge that 
we had the good fortune to receive. There are great difference between art therapy and the life of art showrooms yet the 
pictures look alike - only names of the artists radiate other authority. I'm not going to discuss the above riddle or to dive 
into the specializations, just welcome you to the wonderland of beauty. The my blog don't discuss the healing problems 
but depicts the art therapy from the viewpoint of its participants. I welcome you to glimpse at our diaries. We are sharing 
not some manuals but the gratitude for the light that warms the hearts of us all.



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