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My name is Alberta Sequeira and I'm the published author of A Healing Heart. I was born in 1941 in Pocasset, 
Massachusetts, which is located in the Cape Cod area. I had shared my moment of arrival with my twin brother, 
Albert, who is now living in Boynton Beach, Florida. Our parents had been expecting the birth of only one child. 
What an added surprise and thrill for them; I hope! I have two other brothers; Joe Gramm of So. Dennis, Bill Gramm 
of Scituate, and a sister, Leona Waltman of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. In 1945, we had a brother, Walter, who had 
passed away from Polio when he was eight-years old. His story is in A Healing Heart.

I had no intentions of ever writing a book. It wasn't until my father, Albert L. Gramm of South Dennis, came down with 
cancer that I had realized that I never took the time to know him. He was born in Worcester, MA on March 27, 1910.
Our father had been one of the commanding officers of the 26th Yankee Division during WWII and a retired Brigadier 
General. He had fought in Metz, Lorraine and the Battle of the Bulge. God had brought him home safe and unharmed. 
I had allowed the history of a great man to disappear. He had more for me to explore than I had realized. I had kept a 
diary to leave to my children and grandchildren about his military status. When he died October 19, 1990, I decided to 
write the book. I truly believed that I had a story to share with readers. 

I traveled on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in Bosnia to find peace and healing. After I came home, I added my experiences 
to the book. My father wanted to make the trip but he had been too sick. I had gone to pray and find answers to my loss. 
I had spent a week in this remote, little village, and had witnessed visionaries having apparitions with Our Blessed Mother.
From the many miracles that had happened in Medjugorje and after my return home, I finished A Healing Heart. My life 
changed forever from a spiritual renewal. I discovered that there were no answers to be found. All I needed was peace 
and to let go and give it up to God.

A Healing Heart is a very spiritual book with many lessons on how we wait too long to learn about a loved one. 
This book is for people of all faith. Once it's read, the reader will come to see how and why to forgive, bring God 
back into our families and how we are allowing material things to become too important in our lives. Our children 
are straying in the wrong direction and their leaning on drugs and alcohol. The reader will come to term with their 
own spirituality and find a change in their life.

On November 6, 2006, A Healing Heart had been released by PublishAmerica of Maryland. On November 22, 2006, 
our beloved daughter, Lori Cahill, had passed away from Cirrhosis of the Liver at thirty-nine years old. Her father, 
Richard Lopes, had passed away in February of 1986 from the same terrible family disease. I'm now in the process 
of writing my second book titled (for the moment) Please God, Not Two. It'll be based on a true story of my life living 
with two alcoholics, the effects on our lives and the pain from their deaths.

On February 5, 2007, my mother, Sophie Gramm, of South Dennis joined my father at ninety-two years old. Not long 
before her death, she quoted to Leona, "Soon I'll be going home to my man!" Did you know something?

Our lives are open to the world to read in A Healing Heart. It's a very powerful and emotional memoir of our family 
life. Since the lost of my father and mother along with Lori, it will be a treasured book. There were good times, hard 
times, happy and sad times. The death of a loved one will either pull a family apart or bring them closer. Read about 
our hardships and struggles. We were just an ordinary family coming to term with life and death.


A Healing Heart


A Spiritual Renewal-Heart Wrenching-Compassionate!

How many of us have waited too long to learn what our loved ones were all about before their passing? Did opportunities slip by to tell them they were loved? Or did you close the doors to forgiveness because of pride?

A Healing Heart is a beautiful story which follows the author's inner thoughts and intense emotions. We sympathize as she fights the prognosis of her father's cancer and learns too late about his remarkable life. She develops a spiritual renewal and demonstrates it's powerful lesson, showing how we are caught up in modern society of materialism and self-centeredness.

The author flies to Medjugorje, in Bosnia, seeking comfort in the remote village and sharing in the apparitions of the Virgin Mary. she discovers the true power of unconditional love and faith in God. There is so much in this book readers will identify with and find essential to their own lives.  Read an Excerpt

A Healing Heart, is available through by keying in ISBN# 1-4241-4458-2?



UPDATE.  21st MARCH 2008

My book A Healing Heart ISBN# 1-4241-4458-2. I'd like to let you know that I've been nominated as a Semi-Finalist for the 2007 Literary Award. 

Here is the announcement.

Reader Views has named Alberta Sequeira as a Semi-Finalist in their Awards Program with her book A Healing Heart. See list here:
They are going into the 2nd phase of judging. A panel of judges will be reviewing each semi-finalist and placing them into finalist categories. Their intent is to have the list within the next few weeks. The winner will be notified as soon as they are given a list.

Congratulations to Alberta Sequeira for being on the list. Your extended effort into producing quality work shows.
Irene Watson

Books and Authors in the Memoir Genre that are being judged.

A Healing Heart Alberta H. Sequeira
Becoming Alice Alice Rene
Seven Days of Hospice D.M. Wilmes
Tatianna Linda A. Mohr
The Brides of March Beren deMotier

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UPDATE. 17th AUGUST 2008.

She has been interviewed on the WBSM Radio Station in Fairhaven, MA, Tony Lopes from the WVBF Radio Station in 
Taunton, MA, and with Tony Lewis of The Standard Times newspaper of New Bedford, MA. Alberta has advertised as 
far as The Catholic Weekly in Australia.

Alberta Sequeira is an instructor for Beginning Writer's Workshops titled, Bring Your Manuscript to Publication.
She teaches at the Learning Connection in Massachusetts and Rhold Island, local libraries and senior centers.

She is a speaker for Alcoholic Organizations. Her first speaking engagement was at The Emerson House on the 
grounds of Gosnold Rehabilitation Center in Falmouth, MA and women and men at the Lynne's House in Wareham, 
MA. She helps abusers on drug and alcohol see hope and come to an understanding that the illness is a family disease.
Alberta is in the process of scheduling multiple speaking engagements. She has been asked to speak at a teenage 
AA meeting and rehabilitation center in Littleton, NH and a Women's Association group in Michigan in the near future.
The Catholic Magnificat has asked her to speak at their breakfast meeting at the Marriott Hotel in Providence, RI. 

She's in the process of completing her next two books: Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round; An Alcoholic Family in 
Crisis and the sequel Please, God, Not Two; This Killer Called Alcoholism. It's a memoir based on her life living with 
and losing a husband (1985) and daughter (2006) from alcoholism. She would like to change different ways that 
abuser's treatments are handled.

An Alcoholic Family In Crisis

Enter behind closed doors of a family’s private life of hardships and struggles with alcohol abuse. Witness the constant confusion, disappointments, broken promises and fear. It leaves a trail of heartbreak. In 1985, Richard Lopes of North Dighton, MA., died at forty-five years of age at the VA Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island from this horrible, worldwide disease.

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This Killer Called Alcoholism 

This sequel follows the continuation of their lives after Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round. It's a heatfelt true story of a woman's life who discovers that her daughter, Lori Cahill of North Dighton, MA., was following the same path as her father. In 2006, after three alcoholic rehab stays, Lori died at thirty-nine years of age at the Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, MA. 

Readers living in the same dark hole, will relate to the constant confusion, disappointments, alcohol abuse and fear throughout this story. There are many illness that kill, and Alcoholism is high on the list.



Available to buy on my website.

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