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I knew nothing about Spiritualism when I entered a Spiritualist church in 1999, as the years have gone by, I have 
come to realise it is a religion where Love is paramount. At a namingceremony the Minister attunes to the spirit 
world and is given a spirit name. I was given the spirit name Mahala hebrew for gentle one. I filled most positions 
on the Church Committee. And also have the honour of holding a Spiritual Healer Certificate for which I studied
with the Spiritualist' National Union for 2 years. I have gained a lot of knowledge through the years but still have 
a lot to learn, we are all learning as we go along our earthly path.

I have been working with Noah my guardian angel for many years, at the beginning I received philosophy and 
guidance for myself, when people asked me questions at meetings I held in church, I put their questions to Noah 
who gave me guidance for them. I have put a selection of these questions and answers in Spirit-Nrg 2. Germaine 
my spirit teacher came into my life later with teachings, after a while he gave me permission to share them, I set up
a website called Celtic Spirit in 1999 with the purpose of sharing the knowledge and wisdom. In 2009 I changed the 
name to Spirit-Nrg. It takes a long time to development your mind to attune to the spirit world, I advice anyone who
wishes to do so to go to their local Spiritualists Church and attend the classes offered there, once you learn to blend 
with your guides and teachers it is easier to work with them. I work with my spirit guides by attuning into the spirit 
realms with a prayer.

 I have had a dream to put the inspired writings received from the higher realms in a book for a long time, my spirit
guides tell me that what they give in love is meant to be shared with others in a simple way so people can understand
what life is about, and to give guidance to help them on their earthly paths, thanks to the help from my dear friends
Kathy Diamond and Rhondalyn Teel I have at last realised my dream. I have published my books separately because
some people may prefer one rather than the other. I titled my books Spirit-Nrg. (spirit energy) because I feel it is the 
Divine spark of God in all of us. It brings differentaspects into our lives by inspiring us to write, sing, invent, compose, 
heal, teach, and many more, it is also used togive solace to the bereavedthrough medium ship. I hope you enjoy reading 
my books and find something to helpyou on your life's journey, We all lead different lives,cultures, and religions, but 
basically we are all the same, we allhave the spark of Gods light in each one of usLet it shine brightly.

Books I have published so far.



Spirit-Nrg 1. Poetry -  Philosophy

Inspired Writings I get from the spirit world as well as some from other writers. Poetry is a way of expressing ones feelings. Philosophy is a way of observing life with all it's many aspects.


Spirit-Nrg 2. Guidance - Teachings

Is the knowledge and wisdom channeled from the spirit world, In my book I have written various examples of how spirit work with people who are attuned to the spiritual realms.


Spirit-Nrg 3. The Higher Realms

Is a combination of  Spirit-Nrg 1. and  Spirit-Nrg 2. I have combined the two books as some people may prefer one rather than the other you have the choice of both subjects in this book.

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