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Dave Boyce, 37 yrs of age, happily married†to Julie since August 1991†. I have two lovely daughters. I was born in a place 
known as The Tynte in the Cynon Valley and now†living in†Bridgend, South Wales. I†have been a Special Police Constable 
since early†1996 working in the areas of Pontypridd and Bridgend†Divisional†Police Stations. I received my 10 year Long 
Service medal in February 2006. I am presently employed with Arriva Trains Wales.{ Valleylines }

The Story Behind My Site

I decided to build a website with all my own poems after a good response from visitors to the Bridgend SNU church 
who think I should share them with others. My website
http:// www.daveboyce.faithweb.com  has been†up and running since 
07 May 2004 it was last updated†4th March 2006 and is usually updated weekly. I†have had just a few website faults but 
I am working my way to a better website. Learning from my website mistakes on a daily basis. Several of my poems have 
already been published in The Cynon Valley Leader which is†a local valleys newspaper. I continue to send them copies 
and they publish them to print as they are required. I have had poems in Poetry.com 2004 competition and have had 2 
in the semi finals, still awaiting further results. I have had one of them published in their year book in†2005†. I have also 
had two published in Dogma Publications books in 2005 and another due in April 2006.


 In Memory of all who lost their lives in New York. 9/11. 



A Tribute.

Standing there in the morning sun,
Three Forty Bobbies there as one
All very proud and left to enter,
The scared ground of the 
World Trade Centre.

For on that day we all did pray
For all lives lost a year that day.
But hope is there on Nine Eleven
As we pray for those who art in heaven.

For South Wales Police, I was one of seven
To mourn the loss of Nine Eleven.
Many lost, as our greatest heroes
We mourn their loss there at Ground Zero.

As heroes they died, at the World Trade Centre
Most knowing the risks as they did enter
Many lives saved, on that fateful day
By our rescue friends for you to pray.

We stood there whilst they read their names 
For candles flicker ember flames.
For all lives lost we will remember
On the eleventh day, every September.

Written by Sc 7061. Dave Boyce
On behalf of South Wales Police. UK
At the Memorial, New York. 2002.


Here's one poem from each year of the many I have written.

December 2003


Love is like a butterfly
Flying round so free.
Love is like a rainbow

And the colours that we see.
Love is unconditional

Unseen in all its might.
Love is in your thought and soul
And always full of light.
Love is all around us
For all to give and take.
Love is inside all of us
For what we want to make.
Love sometimes makes you happy
And sometimes makes you cry.
Love will always be there
From birth until we die.



June 2004

Life's Trials and Tribulations .

The memories of times gone by
The happy times of past
Some will always be there
And some will never last

Life's trials and tribulations
Are with you throughout your life
Whether it's having kids
Or marrying a wife

Things are sent to try us
Sometimes we can get low
You feel that you can't cope any more
And there's nowhere to go

Life's trials and tribulations
Don't think you can get by
For help, you only need to ask
Don't let the chance walk by

When you're feeling low one day
Just sitting round to mope
Think of those great memories
To help you get by and cope

Life's trials and tribulations
Not happiness and wealth
Remember all the happy times
At least you're in good health


June 2005

Elevated Thought.

Elevate your thought process
To a place thatís far away
You only need a short time there
You do not need to stay

Sit there in the quietude
When there is no one about
Ask them to come and talk to you
They will come through, without a doubt

Think of all the things you see
And what you donít understand
Ask for other messages
Donít expect or just demand

The memories you will be sent
Will be clear and distinct
You will decipher these quite easily
And you will not need to think

So when you have the answers
For you to just believe
Thank them all for helping you
And youíre ready then to leave



November 2006

Peace , Tranquility and Solitude

Peace, Tranquility and Solitude
Are the things we all need most
Sit all alone and meditate
Relaxing by the coast
Allow those sounds to agitate
And fill your empty head
Help your innerself to meditate
To natures sounds instead
The sound of wind and water
Waves crashing on the land
Listen to the tides which turn
And flow along the sand
Sitting by the coast
Breath in the cool sea breeze
It helps relax the mind and soul
And your body is all at ease


January 2007

Triumph over the power.

Triumph over the power
Of negative energy
Think positive thoughts
To go where you want to be

The world is your oyster
One saying goes
When you can think positive
Things will come in throes

Triumph over the power
For the negative is weak
Although it makes you feel down
And your life really bleak

Think of the positive things
Which you do every day
And the happiness will cheer you up
And keeps the negatives at bay

Triumph over the power
For negative can't win
Think of everything that's good in life
And your new life will begin


12th April 2008


Some people live with complications
All the way through their life
They might not share their love at all
With a husband or a wife.
The complications are sometimes issues
Which rattles their brains
They need to figure how to let it go
So that love can be regained.
Sometimes they will have health problems
They don't want to talk about
Instead the stress is pent up 
So all they do is shout.
Remember everyone has complications
And can cope much better than others 
They may feel just like a loner
Because they have no sisters or brothers.
Some people can't cope with complications
Or with the stress pent up inside
This is why they lose their will to live
By committing suicide.
If you know someone is suffering
With complications deep within 
Help their soul get back on track again
For their life to re begin.

Written by 
David Boyce


14th October 2008.

Believe in Spirit


Believe in the good

Believe in the bad

Believe when youíre happy

Believe when youíre sad


Believe when youíre up

Believe when youíre down

Believe when you smile

Believe when you frown


Believe when youíre young

Believe when youíre old

Believe in spirit

Believe in the soul


Written by David Boyce



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