Dina Cramer.


Dina Cramer holds an Honours Degree in Psychology, is an internationally qualified life coach, and has trained as a metaphysical 
healer with the Academy for Metaphysical Study in South Africa.
Dina works as an intuitive healer, channeller, counselor, spiritual teacher, life and executive coach and corporate soft skills facilitator. 
She is known for her intuitive style in discovering blockages in the energy system, which cause physical, emotional, and spiritual 

Dina has successfully integrated her psychological and metaphysical knowledge in order to create and facilitate dynamic personal 
development and corporate soft skills workshops. She specializes in stress management and personal empowerment but facilitates 
the full range of soft skills programmes such as conflict management; time management; interpersonal skills, service excellence and 

Dina has worked with companies such as Avision, National Brands, Console Glass, Interfile, The Sourcing Group, Department of Housing, 
Associated Loss Adjusters, Questek, Sanofi-Aventis and Glaxo Smithkline. She facilitates soft skills workshops for ABSA through the Cida 
Learning group and Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development for Connemara. Dina also runs a variety of courses and 
workshops for the private sector and takes people to swim with wild dolphins in Mozambique.

Dina has developed and produced four guided meditation CDs. These are:
1. Millennium Meditations
2. Pathways To Enlightenment
3. Re-Awakening The Power Within
4. Dee-Stress With Dina Cramer.

She was a founder of the ‘Heal South Africa Campaign’ in 2001, a national day of prayer, which aimed to bring light, love, 
healing and empowerment into our lives and those of our families, community, and country.In 2003 Dina wrote and published 
a book on meditation called: “Millennium Meditations”. This book is selling successfully in most major bookstores in South Africa.
Dina is a single mother of four sons and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

She has always been involved in community issues. She was a volunteer at Cotlands Baby Sanctuary from 1990 to 1993. Dina 
also trained at Childline and served as a volunteer there from 1991 to 1993, when she was offered a part-time position as 
fundraiser and public relations officer. In this role Dina liased with media, organized fundraising events and secured corporate 
sponsorships for various projects. Dina was also involved in the Aids Coalition to Unleash Power (ACTUP) and is a qualified 
AIDS counselor and educationalist.



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