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Having read English at Oxford, I naturally qualified as a Solicitor and joined the Civil Service, being at different times Deputy 
Assistant Registrar of Criminal Appeals in the Supreme Court; and head of Conveyancing and Matrimonial Litigation for the 
Official Solicitor, acting principally on behalf of the mentally ill. A few years ago I took early retirement.

All this time I have been writing poetry, of various kinds and styles, while generally avoiding an ultra-modernistic approach.   
To date, since retiring, I have won 17 prizes in poetry competitions. In particular, one of my poems won first prize in an 
international competition, while others have won second and third prizes. Many of my poems have appeared in English 
poetry magazines.



Trial by Verse.



Crisis in Court.


Horror!  Counsel's dropped his book,

Waking everyone in Court.

Without this volume, counsel must

Rely on unaccustomed thought.

Counsel's caseless  -  counsel's lost.

Yet this shattering event

Can't be without precedent?

The usher rises from his nook,

With a condescending look  -

Picks the volume up again.

Silence is audible; and then

Counsel with a frown condign

Turns the page and seeks the line

To support his argument.

Thus another crisis passes  -

Horror!  Counsel's dropped his glasses...




Comic and satiric verse about the law, its makers and practitioners, it was published by Barry Rose, one of the leading Law 
Publishers in England. His Honour Judge Israel Finestein QC commented that he read this book “with interest, amusement 
and benefit.” It was also given a favourable reading by several Judges of the Supreme Court, and reviewed with approval in 
The Jewish Chronicle. The author was interviewed about it, and read extracts, on Three Counties Radio.Copies may be 
obtained from Hammicks Legal Bookshop, 191-192 Fleet Street, London (tel. 0207-405-3554) or ordered on-line from, or from, Foyles, Borders, Waterstone’s, Blackwell’s, Ottakar’s and others.





The Jewish Pilgrimage:


An Exploration of Reality, Mainly in Verse


 An Answer to Fanatics


Except in the enforced defence

Of freedom, life, or innocence,

Whoever lifts the sword

Defies the Lord.

To fight for God is an offence:

The father-sin of violence.

Whoever kills in Heaven's name

Is Heaven's shame.

One cannot make God's glory more

By disobeying Heaven's law;

Nor violence at any price

Buy the way to Paradise.




The book is in two parts. The first is philosophical verse, entitled “The Moral Genesis.” This has two meanings, referring on 
the one hand to the nature of right and wrong, and on the other hand to why God (if He exists) could be justified in creating 
a universe where suffering is inevitable. Its purpose was to argue out certain ideas for consideration. It is a form of poetry 
that might be called “the poetry of ideas” as distinct from traditional descriptive or narrative verse, because it explores 
problems and sets out conjectures. 




Steps into Poetry:



Nonsense and other Verse for Children.


Crazy Lazy Daisy.


Crazy Lazy Daisy

And her little sister Maisie

Were feeling rather hazy

About who and what they were.


Were they rabbits with bad habits

Who would only eat Welsh rarebits

And would never leave the spare bits

For the pussy-cats that purr?


Were they pussy-cats themselves?

Were they pixies?  Were they elves?

Fairies sitting upon shelves,

Wrapped in robes of velvet fur?


One morning they woke up in bed

And turned a richly ruby red:

They were not what they thought they were,

But something else instead.





The verse in this book is designed to catch the minds of children and spark interest in rhythm and language. They have 
always preferred rhythm both in words and music to a bald story. Very small children also like nonsense being read to 
them by an adult; and older children may feel a sense of achievement as they grow to understand and appreciate poems
that do not treat them as idiots but come more and more to appeal to their developing minds.  

Copies may be ordered from, Foyles, Borders, Waterstone’s, Blackwell’s, Ottakar’s and others; Purchase 
my books in America from  or worldwide





More volumes are on their way, each one very different from the others….




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