Joseph JJ Boyle.


Joseph 'JJ' Boyle: Author, Artist, Musician from central New York. Author of Id Laberynth:Writings Mentality Recovery 
Genre Self-help, and The Secret of New York's Caves Genre - Fantasy Fiction. I am also a novice painter, and have been 
playing drums since I was 9.


Id Laberynth: Writings, Mentality, Recovery

Self Help.

This book is semi-autobiographical it covers just about everything I had written, and done from April '03 to December 
of '04. it covers how I became homeless in my home town of Oneida New York to how I got back on feet. This book 
covers three distinct areas of mind-exploration, poetry, and howI went through my recovery from substance abuse
(being a drunken pothead). This was the first time I had persisted in writing, and my first accomplishment at writing. 
I myself, was a little hesitent about getting my work published, but I had a lot of support from friends - new and old - 
to get them published. I am glad I did. It opened the door for me to explore my imagination, and begin to write novels.


The Secrets of New York Caves.

Fantasy Fiction.

The first intallment of The Secret Of New Yorks Caves, takes a look of a week of the life of the band IdLaberynth. 
From two rehearsals to two gigs. This edition also looks a bit at the lead charactor, Johnathan Boyle. From his home 
life with his wife Dawn to his carreer in landscaping and light construction with his partner and bandmate Randy 
Quade (lead singer).

The other part of the story covers John getting lost ina cave in the Munnsville, NY area. After getting lost in the cave he 
finds himself lost in a labyrinth of tunnels. Upon finding the exit, John finds he's not where he should be. From his exit 
on top of a plateue of an emence rock face, he overlooks a valley like nothing he had ever seen before. 

After finding a way down from the precipice he finds himself invaded by what turns out to be Spirit Brother who works 
with him symbiotically. After restarting his exploration he finds: The Grandal village where he also finds Randy Quade 
who had gotten lost in a cave on Blue Mountain in the Adderondack mountains in New York State. John,Randy,and 
new found companion Ferd, head out to see if they can find anyone who can get them home.

After the discovery of an abandon village of the Spirit Brothers they continue on. The second village of the Spirit Brothers 
produced two more human beings Sam and Louis, each lost in two different caves in New York State. Joining John and 
Randy the group headed on to the last Spirit Brother village to get their directions home.

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JJ Boyle's Group Caroline Blue:

Recording: I've Seen The Light Tonight.  From the Album Not For The Innocent. 2011


Joe J. Boyle - The Steve Serviss Band Drummer (video 1)



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