Kathryn Diamond.


Kathryn Diamond published several poems as a teenager in major magazines before turning to romance novels, which she 
wrote for 15 years. After two life-changing events, she put romances aside and embraced her spiritual side. The Awakening 
was written in only nine months while juggling a busy job, a home, and two active teenagers. Paradise on Lady Gaia is a 
work of visionary fiction intended to give hope for a future world where peace reigns and mankind has access to their divine 
birthright. Kathryn currently resides in Galway, New York. She works in a county mental health clinic, as a home health aide 
for a disabled individual, and is part of a group who is currently organizing the Lady Gaia project, a holistic healing center 
that also honors the earth.

The Awakening

This fast-paced novel is about the spiritual awakening of three ordinary people who experience bizarre events. Leigh Honey
well is a mental health counselor who hypnotizes a client and stumbles onto a grisly murder in a former lifetime. Phillip 
Shepherd, a widowed businessman, is suddenly blessed with the gift of healing. Eleven-year-old Andy Benedetti has amazing 
psychic powers. Together, they must find their mission, which is veiled in mystery, before the dark forces can stop them. 

A riveting page-turner, this book gives hope, inspiration, and comfort about fearful realities such as death and the presence 
of evil in our lives. Topics such as past-life regression hypnosis, spiritual healing, psychic gifts, angels, Indigo Children, 
finding our higher self, and ascension are woven into this tightly plotted novel that promises to entertain while giving the 
reader messages that we are never alone. For we are loved and watched over always!        

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Paradise on Lady Gaia

The year is 2015. Mankind has evolved into the fifth dimension after the great shift of 2012, forming a new root race – a 
super human, of sorts. Everyone is telepathic, can teleport, and ascended masters walk the earth. Kalani lives in a garden 
of unimaginable beauty. Life is perfect until the day the Anunnaki begin taunting her in dreams. Now, Kalani must fight 
an inner battle, facing the darkness within her own soul. Will paradise survive? Or will the new earth be catapulted into 
the dark ages, once more? A work of visionary fiction, this novel is a message of hope that paradise truly is possible and 
that peace can, one day, reign on earth.

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Invisable Hands.




Are Angels Pulling Your Strings.

My third book is a self-help, non-fiction book called Invisible Hands: Are Angels Pulling YOUR Strings? 
that teaches the reader how to recognize divine guidance in their lives. This book was a joy to write as the angels
gave me real-life synchronicities before every chapter to add to the anecdotes and stories I had already accumulated. 

I call myself a Spiritual Intuitive because I have learned to use my strong sense of intuition to guide me through life, as well as 
the writing of my books. I have felt driven most of my life and especially now as I am being guided by Spirit to present seminars 
to plant seeds of hope and self-empowerment. The Seminar, MESSAGES OF LOVE… combines spiritual and scientific information 
with the teachings of the indigenous cultures to present a “bigger picture” scenario. I speak about the prophesized Shift of the 
Ages and both the external (cosmic) events and internal (raising our consciousness) events that must take place in order for 
mankind to evolve into a higher consciousness. I also present an alternate “theory of evolution” that empowers individuals by 
showing them that they are immortal, multi-dimensional souls and that death of the body is not something to fear. There is 
also information on the new crystal children, the divine matrix, and how our abilities are a gift, rather than a curse. I was guided 
throughout the writing of this seminar and was told to “feel my way through it”. 

While this seminar helps those who are just awakening by giving information they may not have been previously exposed 
to, I believe it is also helpful to people on any level because it reminds us of the need to come together at this crucial time
in earth’s history when we are on the brink of the thousand years of peace and enlightenment.




Rachel's Magic Swing.



Ages 7-12. Near-Death Experience. Rachel Thorn just turned 11, but she feels like 100! Being born sick makes a girl wise 
beyond her years. What Rachel loves most is her swing - it's her refuge, her safe place. Then, something weird happens. 
Rachel's swing becomes magical when Jonah, the angel, materializes out of thin air! He takes Rachel on an adventure to 
heaven where she plays in the Crystal Palace. She even has an important meeting with an angel. But no one believes her 
when she chooses to come back. Rachel longs for the loving light of heaven until Jonah shows her the Magic Book and 
helps her realize how special she really is. Kathryn Diamond wrote RACHEL'S MAGIC SWING with love and humor for all 
those who wonder what heaven may be like. The story was inspired by her own near-death experience at the age of 5 
when she almost drowned. The descriptions of heaven are from other kids who went there when they got really sick and 
came back to tell about it.


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As we share our experiences with one
another, we grow….
As we grow, we add to the positive energy 
surrounding our planet….
As we add positive energy, we evolve….
As we evolve,
we connect to our higher selves
and our Source….


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