“Your heart is your infinite highway to All-That-Is.”

Author’s Preface

You are about to read a book that is like no other. The words you are about to read come from the collective universal vibration of heart. 
When we first met this heart energy back in 1993, it asked to be called “Alana.” The “ah” sound is sacred and is found in each of Alana’s 
three syllables. If you speak the name of Alana out loud, you may be able to feel your heart’s connection to universal heart. 

When you speak and listen to your own heart, you speak with Alana. Your heart is one with the heart of All-That-Is.It may take a little time 
before you comprehend who Alana is. First we’ll share who “she” isn’t. Alana is not a person, entity, group of entities, spirit guide, angel, or 
anyone’s higher self. Alana is the energy of your heart. Alana is a name for the universal energy of the heart of All-That-Is, of which you are 
an integral part.Sandy Breckenridge brings forth the Alana energy while in a very deep state of altered consciousness. Although she is 
able to open her eyes in this state, she prefers to keep them closed, which allows her to most effectively convey Alana. Since Alana is not 
an entity of any sort, there is no reason for Sandy to leave her body while channeling universal heart. Sandy sometimes remembers what 
Alana says, and at other times has little recall. She prefers to “be in the background” and allow Alana to speak freely through her. Although 
Sandy is sometimes tired after very long sessions, bringing forth Alana is a joyous and deeply nurturing experience for her. A good night’s 
rest always restores her vitality. 

We hope you find our work to be free of jargon and dogma. We support all paths that bring more love in the world. Our work is a pathless 
path, since our intention is to empower you to discover your own truths. We feel your heart is your infinite highway to All-That-Is. That’s why 
we’re here to help you trust your own heart. So be it!

In Heart,
Kirk VandenBerghe & Sandy Breckenridge.


The Seven Sacred Steps: A Practical Guide to Peace and Freedom

We thought you might enjoy reading an interview by Manda McLeod, who holds the position as Sales and Marketing Manager 
at The Gaia Network. She asked Kirk several questions about the discovery of Alana, and our book, "The Seven Sacred Steps."

Manda Interview

I am delighted to have the pleasure and the privilege to connect with Kirk VandenBerghe, co-author of The Seven Sacred Steps. Kirk, can you 
explain please what Alana energy is?

Alana is essentially the same energy or vibration that dwells within the hearts of all humanity. This collective heart energy has found a way to 
communicate to us directly, through Sandy. When we receive an answer from Alana, the response is a mirror of the intention behind the presented 
question. So, you could say that Alana is the energy of our heart's mirrored back to us.

When and how did Alana come into your lives, and what impact did this energy have on both you and Sandy, and those around you?

We first came in contact with Alana in 1992 during a session with Sandy. I had a private practice as a Hypnosis and NLP Practitioner at the time and 
Sandy was a well-established intuitive. We saw an opportunity to share each other's work, and felt that collaborating could be beneficial for both of us. 
This particular day was Sandy's turn to have a session with me. We were doing some exploring of Sandy's inner states and her inner resources. We did 
what we then referred to as a "laddering process". We connected to Sandy's subconscious mind, then "laddered up" to her higher self, then continued 
on to other various wise energies. This process eventually led us to the collective energy of Heart, who asked to be called Alana (because of the three 
sacred, and heart-activating "ah" sounds). The tones in the word Alana create a response from the heart center, kind of like an intention to feel one's 
heart. The session was really quite amazing. The impact was astounding and marvelous. I knew that I had come into contact with something very 
special. I could hardly wait until the next session. Through time I was actually trained directly by Spirit in how to teach a person to connect more 
deeply with their all-knowing inner resources. Sandy's ability to communicate the information became easier and easier. It is like Alana trained both 
of us, and in turn we began doing sessions with others and eventually workshops. Sandy has an incredible ability to move into a deep trance state easily, 
and still be able to convey universal information. Collectively humanity had the intention to know their hearts, and that actually brought Alana forward.

Having now read your book, The Seven Sacred Steps, I understand that it was transcribed from some sort of workshop that you facilitated. How often do 
you hold these workshops and where are they held?

During the last five years we have focused on writing and distributing our teachings through the Internet, mostly on http://askAlana.com. We want to 
share Alana's teachings on a more global basis because we feel what she offers is so important in these times. Because of this, we have only shared a few 
workshops recently. We would love to do more workshops on Kauai and other parts of the world in the future.


Throughout the book I noticed that Alana has a great sense of humor. This was enlightening and elicited a sense of joy. In this day and age of corporate
ladder climbing and technological advancement, do you think that we are missing the point as to why we are here, and do you think we take 
ourselves far too seriously?

Too serious? Let me take some time to really think about that one! Yes, it is so important to embrace humor and laughter. Often Alana uses humor to 
lighten the group when she calibrates that the energy is too dense or heavy. She feels that when we are lighter, our learning actually accelerates along 
with our ability to more easily connect with our inner resources.

The Truths unveiled in your book are both complex and yet so very simple. I guess it is a matter of perception. For instance, in the Seventh Sacred Step, 
'All is Illusion and All is Real', Alana talks about our physical existence merely being a projection of our thought process, and it is through our physical 
senses that we perceive our reality, yet we have the power, through our thought process, to change our world, or the way in which we see/experience 
it. This really lays emphasis on the fact that we are totally responsible for our 'lot in life', does it not?

We certainly are responsible for our perceptions and actions and how we choose to respond to our world. Yes, the most most powerful truths are the 
most simple truths. The first sacred step is Love Yourself. The second is Respect Others. The third is We Are One. A person could practice those steps--in 
action, not just thought--their entire lives.

The common thread that seems to run through all religions, theologies and esoteric teachings is, that of Love. The angles taken, may be different. Some 
say we need to learn to love unconditionally, others say we are in fact Love energy itself. However we interpret it, Love is the binding force within our 
Universe. Is it only through the heart center that we may access this Love energy?

We have found that when a person connects with their heart center it actually acts as an expressway (highway, freeway) that connects them to deeper 
inner resources. These resources ultimately lead to love. Whatever means a person has to lead them to love, most likely won't bypass the heart. You could 
say that the heart is the way. Heart is information. Heart is light. Heart is love.

Finally, do you have any other words of wisdom or gems of enlightenment with which to share with our readers?

I think I would like to answer that question by referring to something Alana once said: "Love is a vibration that exist within each of us, and it is the bond 
that connects us. Love is our greatest resource and it is stored with heart." Yes, another simple truth. But fully embracing and practicing these "basics" in 
our everyday lives is a path of mastery.

Thanks Kirk. There was probably a hundred and one other things we could have covered, but may have to leave that for a future edition. Of course, if any 
of our readers have any further queries or wish to order your book they can click on the links below to find out more, and how!


Introduction: Part One

Epilogue: Alana's Closing Message

"As you have compassion for yourself and respect others 
in the place of their beingness, you are sending an incredible 
message into the universe that love is what matters!"
-- Alana

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