Spiritualism Supports World Peace

When thinking about world peace it is easy to say "But what can I do? I am just one man or woman with no power to change the world." This is a negative approach.

We can change things!

So how do we start?

Firstly by making peace with ourselves. Strive to find an inner peace by letting go of old hurts and seeking out more positive new pathways leading to an inner peace. Just stop for a moment and imagine what it would feel like to be totally at peace with yourself, your family, friends and associates.

After the close of the SNU AGM 2011, at 11am and 11pm each day, we ask everyone to send out positive thoughts for peace. This will continue twice daily for the next year, just imagine what a difference that can make!

You can register your support by completing the form at our website below. Let us know that you are supporting this campaign in our twice daily Peace Prayer Minute. You can make your commitment to just one minute or both, to one day a week or every day, for the next year.

Click on the picture to register.

Thank You

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