West Africa Development Experience.

Mar 4, 2008
Positive News Issue

Building on the huge success of previous years events, and in response to demand, this is a unique opportunity to explore the full spectrum of African farming in the global market place and the role of organisations such as Concern Universal in the fight against poverty.

The 2009 West Africa Farm Experience will link 3 issues together: these will be simultaneously explored during the various visits, within the overall context of agriculture, horticulture and the sustainable livelihoods of people living in rural areas in the Gambia; 1) Climate change, 2) Alternative renewable energy (e.g. Bio-fuel) and the harnessing of carbon financing opportunities through effective collaboration between business and development organisations 3) Disaster risk reduction.

This experience is aimed at anyone with an interest in the issues surrounding global food production and the 
challenges facing developing countries. The high level of support provided by the organisers and good quality local accommodation and transport make this event ideal for those visiting Africa for the first time. Never has there been a more appropriate time to take part in the debate surrounding free trade. Danny Lawrence of BBC Radio says "This was the most enriching trip I have ever been on. If you're busy trying to see the world, you won't get better guides than the 
CU staff."

By negotiating with buyers in the tourist industry, the team from Concern Universal have also created a market for the 
produce and by collecting, grading and delivering it, can ensure producers a fair and consistent price. By taking part in 
workshops and discussions with buyers and chefs, this is your chance to make a direct contribution to this pioneering 
development project and help shape the future policy of a well-respected development agency.

For all enquires please contact
Catriona Lennox on 01432 355111
Email: catriona.lennox@concern-universal.org
Website: www.concern-universal.org

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