World Harmony Run.

Pictured with Mr, Mrs Nelson Mandela is the founder of World Harmony Run, Sri Chinmoy is 74 and currently lives in New York. He is internationally renowned for many initiatives which promote global harmony. As well as sporting activities Sri Chinmoy is also a prolific poet, artist, musician and philosopher. He has dedicated his life to serving the ideal of world harmony and oneness.

The World Harmony Run started in 1987 with the hope of bringing people together from all over the world in a spirit of friendship, and harmony. Since its inception the World Harmony Run has crossed many geographical and socialbarriers to touch the lives of many 1000s who have participated in the Run.

Sri Chinmoy believes sports can play a vital role in promoting good health and also understanding between different peoples. A global relay run is therefore a very dynamic and practical initiative to bring the ideals of harmony and understanding to many people.

The late Pope John Paul.
 "I salute the runners... who are carrying a torch to the 
destination of peace through the streets of the world.

Sent in by C, Jones-Sullivan. Wales UK


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