The True Significance of Hathor.


In the Egyptian Creeds and Myth.

Hathor the mother goddess who protects the newly born child for seven successive days until he/she becomes healthy and safe. The myth of the seven protective Hathors is often repeated in almost every birth-chapel and always ends with the seventh-day party where gods all are invited then Hathor would present her rattle-toy to the child. 

Modern Egyptians had inherited many of these traditions as they still celebrate the seventh-day birth party and invite all families and neighbors, then the seven grain-seeds should be scattered on floor of the child's house. Also the rattle-toy is presented to the children. Probably the division of the week to be just seven days world wide is after Hathor patronage. 

The most charming figure for Hathor is the one that represent her melting with a woman face her 
triangular face, elongated eyes and ears next to a woman cheeks, chin and mouth.

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