A Tribute to 9/11.

In my hand is a Stars and Stripes flag which was flown above one of the mortuary sites at Ground Zero . 
It was given to me at the memorial by a member of the First Response Paramedics team for FDNY and I
was asked to put it safe. On return from New York I contacted South Wales Police and donated the flag for safe keeping . It has now been displayed in the Foyer area of the South Wales Police HQ in Bridgend for all future visiting police officers through the world to see when they visit South Wales Police.

Standing there in the morning sun,
Three Forty Bobbies there as one
All very proud and left to enter,
The scared ground of the 
World Trade Centre.

For on that day we all did pray
For all lives lost a year that day.
But hope is there on Nine Eleven
As we pray for those who art in heaven.

For South Wales Police, I was one of seven
To mourn the loss of Nine Eleven.
Many lost, as our greatest heroes
We mourn their loss there at Ground Zero.

As heroes they died, at the World Trade Centre
Most knowing the risks as they did enter
Many lives saved, on that fateful day
By our rescue friends for you to pray.

We stood there whilst they read their names 
For candles flicker ember flames.
For all lives lost we will remember
On the eleventh day, every September.

Written by Sc 7061. Dave Boyce
On behalf of South Wales Police. UK
At the Memorial, New York. 2002.

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