Famous Names

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Famous Names Painting.

The creators are Chinese artists. They are Dai Dudu, Liaoning Art Institute’s Vice President; Li Tiezi, contemporary oil 
painter;  Zhang Anjun, chairman of the Shenyang Youth Association of Artists, and contemporary oil painter. Dai Dudu 
led the effort. According to Dai Dudu, the three began work on the painting in 2006, completing it 10 months later. 
“At the time, we wanted to represent world history within a single painting. We wanted to showcase the world’s story, 
and let viewers feel as if they were flipping the pages of a history book,” Dai said.

Click on the painting below and run your cursor over the famous names you see in the painting, 
it will tell you who they are, scroll across and down then click on a person to obtain their life history.

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