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 ( Inspired from the song Time by Enya. )

What is time? It is the way that we measure our lives, it is the way we see ourselves, we try and put back the clock of time by wanting to live as long as we can, to look as young as we can, for as long as we can. But where does the look of experience go if it is not notched on our faces, the character of a persons life is etched on their faces if we get rid of this what have we got left, just a shell without any life experiences to show to the world, our inner beauty. Only God knows what is ahead for us, we try and see into the future, but why, we cannot do anything about it, so we should live our lives 
in a loving and happy way without worrying about our outer shell.

Time is a healer they say, as time goes by it helps to soften the hurt of losing a loved one you never forget them, but time does softens the hurt and you learn to live with your personal loss. A loss of a loved one is traumatic, whether they pass into the higher life, or choose another pathway in their lives, their physical self is no longer with you, but their spiritual essence is, the times you have had together cannot be taken away from you it is part of your earthly journey, by remembering the good times you had with them not the bad, time will be no barrier to the mind, let yourself have time for contemplation sit in a quiet place you are comfortable with and let your mind drift to the memory of your loved ones, they will be with you. Send thoughts of love to them it will help.

We count time by hours and minutes, God counts time by the way we live our lives, time is relevant to the now, what has passed should stay in the past, by bringing it into the now you are not healing, not allowing it to heal but allowing the past to affect the now and the future. Just say to yourselves ď That was then, This is now. ď It will help to bring perspective into your life.Time is something scientists are still trying to work out, but why, some things are best left alone, and accepted for what they are. Donít rush around trying to get everything done in a day, there is always another day. 

Pace your life to your own speed, donít try and emulate others it is not you, be yourself and live in your own definition of time, everyone has their own life experiences and they all differ from each one. Just live your life in a way that is right for you, donít worry about the past or the future live for today in a loving and harmonies way and all will be well.As you reflect back in time you see the wonder of life, and be able to see that God has a hand in everything you do. God loves you and wants the best for you, in time by being loving to each other all will come to you, perhaps not in a material sense but in a spiritual sense where you will reap all the good you have sown, and what you have done for others will beyour reward. Let your spirit guide you, Let your heart be full of love, Enabling you to live your life in a joyful and serene way.

C.  Jones-Sullivan. Wales UK.


White Eagle

"There is no restriction on a person's soul other than that which it places upon itself.....
Therefore think of having a pair of wings on your shoulders, of a winged disc, the 
latter being the symbol of the sun; and the sun, of course, being the Christ Spirit; 
the wings, indicating the power of the soul to flyóto rise above your limitations. " 



Philosophy from Two Crows

If you imagine standing on the edge of an ocean, consider what you see in front of you. The vast expanse of water in front of you stretches as far as the eye can see; there is the horizon and nothing more beyond... or is there? We know from prior knowledge that there is more, even though it is not visible at that moment - even though we cannot see it, we can imagine it for we know it to be so. Yet how often do we stretch that which we know to be true, to imagine more - to expand on our current knowledge? Perhaps therefore we should take time to explore that horizon - to make moves to discover more of what lies beyond. 

We know that although the ocean is vast it is not infinite; it is broken by land - by islands, by other parts of the World. What of our own horizons, beyond our own vision? At times we may feel that there is nothing but the ebb and flow of our own tides - our emotions, our experiences and that all we are aware of is all that there is. Yet we know that there is more and we each have our own horizons to explore, to investigate, to bring together all that we believe to be beyond the horizon just out of sight with that which we have never even dreamed of. 

Thus discoveries are made, knowledge is expanded and we know that we have reached beyond our own limitations as we perceive them, beyond all that we are familiar with - to embrace the unknown and to journey beyond those boundaries. Within the expanse of the ocean of knowledge that wed can see are hidden depths that create boundaries and new experiences as much as reaching beyond the horizons - for even in what we can see immediately in front of us are other aspects to be explored and the unknown to learn about - to delve into. How far we go towards the horizon -for there is always a horizon ahead - and how deep we go to explore is for us to decide. We are the decision-makers in our own adventures and explorations, and although we may sometimes share that horizon with others, all that is found along the way is ours alone and will be different for everyone. See the ocean ahead of you - for it is the ocean of possibilities. 'Til we meet again... 

Author Michele. England UK. 


Be Positive  

We talk about things being positive and we talk about things being negative, well when I was in school we were taught that the sign of being positive was a plus, and the sign for negative was just a dash, if you have a plus sign you are adding, if you have the minus sign you are taking away, So remember whenever you are positive you are adding, you are adding your own energies to that great pool of energies in the heavens, that can be used for every good purpose, not only in this physical world, but in other worlds also, and especially in the spirit world. 

When you are negative you are taking away from that pool, and that energy is just wasted, so always try to be positive always try to add never take away, because when you add according to the law you add to yourself also, as you give, so you receive. 
Whenever you take away, there is nothing to give, nothing to receive. "The sign for positive is a plus where you add,the sign for negative is a minus where you take away.  It's so much easier to be positive, and add to your quality of life, than being negative and taking away that quality."

C. Jones-Sullivan. Wales. UK 

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