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Feel The Oneness

Find a comfortable position either lying or sitting. First let your body relax. Imagine that your toes are relaxing. Then move up to your calves and along to your stomach, then your chest. Finally feel your arms let go, releasing their hold all of your burdens. Now we want you to let go completely as if you were a balloon rising. As it rises the balloon continues its rise into clouds and then beyond into the clear air. When the balloon rises above the air it releases the air within in order to propel it into the universe.

When you have risen beyond the earth then you begin to sense that there is something which resides in space. It is as if it were everywhere at once. Now, without the distortion of living on earth, you feel with your mind that consciousness is everywhere. You know that you are one with this consciousness, that you have always been one with this consciousness. You know that the One is the master of space and that all that dwells within it are a part of it.For the planets and the stars are within space, yet space does not demand that they be separated from it. The stars and the planets are concentrations of consciousness. So beings who dwell on planets and suns are aware of themselves and their surroundings. Space itself has no self awareness as much as can be achieved in concentration. You are One throughout the universe. This means that you are One with all planets and all beings  When you feel love it is felt in all places. Then realize that your feelings are important. 

Therefore you learn to choose how you will feel, as this affects the all. Then how you feel is felt by all the universe as One. A lesson can be learned from this. By learning to send your love outward you are creating more love in all beings. Then try to spend time sending love out from yourself. The reward is that you will in turn receive the love that you have created. When you create anger or fear then your reward is to experience these feelings again late. As a part of the One you see that creation happens through individuals who choose to create. go down to the earth as one who knows these truths. Bring love into the world by choosing to forgive, or by choosing to be kind, or by choosing to let go of anger. Choose well as what you do creates. Choose well as oneness is in concentration in the earth itself and therefore has more on power.

Now we go with one last word and that is that you will remember at least once a day to experience a deep sense of unending, unlimited love for the complete Oneness that is the all-that-is. When you do this your life will be enriched on all levels. For even the physical body comes out of the One consciousness. Its needs, desires, wants and even how it chooses its path of living, are a part of this oneness, this love, these choices.


I am not separate from all that is
I am responsible for my life and for others
I remember my oneness to all
I am sensing love around me even now
I send the love by wishing it to flow outward from me

I resume my day with a sense of achievement
I reclaim love lost through my anger or resentment
Then peace is my reward and so is accomplishment
for now I am One and my oneness serves me
as it does the whole universe and all beings within it.


Joey Schwartzman. Canada.



When our bodies are not balanced we become disorientated and cannot live our lives in the best possible way for us. Each one have their own personal way of living their lives, but there must be balance of the inner energies and the outer shell to create harmony within.

Many years ago the human make up was different to what if is today, it was designed to combat the difficulties of the day, the food had to be hunted so the hunters used their physical strength to bring in the food, there were no modern medicines, herbs growing wild were used for many ailments, The living conditions were so severe they had to build and maintain their homes while trying to keep themselves warm with wood found in the forests around their habitat. The cooking facilities were basic and many foods were eaten raw. This way of life was harsh, but it helped the body to keep a balance with the inner energies by not filling their body with unnecessary food like sweet confections and junk food.

As the years have gone by man has progressed in many ways, but not always for the best. Although our bodies have adjusted to the modern way of life, it has left a lot of stress within. Some people are trying to reach perfection by eating what they think is a balanced diet, but not realising the limitation this is putting on the balance of the body. Our bodies are made of so many element that need to be replaced, by denying this process to happen by limiting the amount of fat and mineral they consume it will cause an imbalance which shows up by stress and worry, this in itself doesn't help as stress is one of the main factors of heart disease. The saying a little of what you fancy does you good, is a clear indicationof what the body lacks it's a sign of something needing topping up so to speak.

Unfortunately some people do get addicted to food and substances which harm the bodies structure, even excessive exercise can harm a body by putting to much stress on the bones, muscles and nerves. Some illnesses like Diabetes need a diet to help keep the balance, but for the majority a balance is required to live a happy and productive life. The old saying everything in moderation is true, in that way the balance is perfect.

C Jones-Sullivan. Wales UK


What Is The Nature of Faith.

 Aug /15 /2008

We are beings who have limits in our ability to see what will come next in our lives. The future is outside of the range of our vision. So what do we do when circumstances arise that cause us to be in a complete state of discomfort or of pain? Many people turn to religions; for that is what religions were created for. Others turn to despair. Others have not chosen which way to go. More often than not those who have chosen religion have also chosen despair. Then so many people are left suffering. The answers to our problems have not yet been disclosed. A body poised on a single point feels the point more deeply than a body lying spread out. As a metaphor the point means our focus is on our problem. When we are distracted then we do not feel the pain; we often forget it. We use tools such as entertainment or alcohol as distraction. There are so many forms of distraction that we cannot cover them all here. Some of these distractions are harmful and some will be of benefit to ourselves or to others.

  We are here to discuss faith. The character of faith is to de-emphasize the point on which you lie while remaining undistracted. How can this be possible? Is faith a distraction or is it something else? Why is so much emphasis given to the idea of faith? Surely it must have its roots deep within our being, as we are transformed by it. Then what is this transformation? If faith has no physical basis, such as alcohol, or or a movie, or television, then it must exist on another level, something that cannot be touched. So we see that faith is spiritual. In order to make use of its properties then we must attain a spiritual growth which will give us this tool.

Thus we come to our experiment with spiritual practices and various forms of religion. Sooner or later we find the most suitable form of practice, or a system of belief, and it is here that, no matter what it is, we place our spiritual quality of faith, giving it the hand to reach out, and the voice with which to speak the words. So we grow into new beings now capable of enduring the full stab of our afflictions. Now it is time to go into the world remembering always that your growth is real. It is as tangible as any object in the room. When you ask for strength you are given a tangible, real and solid object. 

When you go from reading this remember that you are as one who has taken on a shield and a badge of protection; for you now have faith in the greater reality. You have faith that you are more than you seem to your own vision of yourself. This greater reality is the love from which you were born. It is there and you now know that it is there on your behalf. Any thought that you are alone should be banished from your mind. There is a fabric to all that is. It is from this that you come into the world. 

Now imagine that there is a God. Imagine that this God has no boundaries. Then all that can be exists in all ways for all of time and exists in ways which we cannot describe. Then what is left to say. You are meant to exist as fully as is possible. So what you lack will no longer be not there. What pain you have will not always trouble. All is in flux. Rest assured that all that is above will not always seem so high and what is below will not seem lower than you are. Rivers will rise and flood the land, then rivers will dry. So you see. Pain will pass into pleasure. Fear will dissipate into order. Crime will erase the criminal. Deeds done for goodwill vaporize. All acts will reverse themselves so that they are opposite, until acts of faith remove them from this cycle. For in faith is growth and in growth is creation and in creation is purpose, so in purpose is achievement and finally in achievement is the coming of a manifestation of destiny which is the purpose of your life.

You become a greater being so you can create a greater universe. The new universe will endure forever as a more stable place. Peace means stability. In simple terms it means that we no longer live in a state of flux, or up and down, or greater and lesser, or pain and pleasure. We are making this universe together.  That is all beings who live on all planets, who arise from time to time and in different places, who are known to one another or not. All sorts of beings, all who strive to be greater than they seem to be, in whatever form, human, not human, body, or no body that you would recognize, will participate, did participate as they are gone, or will participate because they are yet to be born. 

So the final word is YES for NO has had its day. Be now a part of it. Believe that you will overcome whatever is your trouble or your pain or your lack of belief. Simply believe that the universe is conscious and donít give it a name, for any name is too small. 

Do your best.  Have some faith. You will be rewarded.

I am Hethball.

Joey Schwartzman.  Canada.


  What Does Peace Mean?

Peace for me must always be related to the idea of self-realization and thusly the collective and individual level of 
human evolution and experience on the planet. As we become more self-aware through the exploration of our own 
minds, hearts and souls, and experience ever higher levels of thought and consciousness through prayer, meditation, 
yoga, self-analysis, deeds, (whatever your preferred method is), we come to understand that all our actions have an 
impact on every other facet of life (the biosphere, the atmosphere, plants, animals, resources, people, cultures).

There is nothing anyone can do, action or change that will not affect something or someone else in someway. 
With this in mind, all our decisions and experiences are thusly interconnected and ultimately, at a very deep level, 
we are all united, scientifically, spiritually, and philosophically. So then, peace for me is the realization of unity and 
the movement towards actions and decisions that benefit the individual and collective existence. Peace is a process 
and a state of mind, rather than an end goal. That there is an end goal to anything is a moot point. 

Peace is also unique to every individual person living everywhere and just as well because the Universe abhors 
sameness. All that ever was, is and will be has always erred on the side of diversity and unique character.
However, we are bound by one thing. The community of our existence. This unity makes us all equally responsible 
for the welfare of others. We can choose (or not) to help foster a brighter world. After all, if we are all connected in 
someway, not pursuing thoughts, words and deeds that evolve us and contribute towards peace would be akin to 
shooting our own foot.

There is one last logical idea in this small rambling. Peace, if a state of mind in an ongoing process, unique to everyone 
due to collective diversity, must give rise to the greatest of all creative energies due to the realization of self and 
ultimate oneness. In fact, it is extremely hard to experience peace without the greatest of all creative energies.
With self-realization comes Love. With unity comes Love. With peace comes Love. But does Love come first or last? 
Is it endemic to the process? I think the true answer lies within the unique consciousness of every individual 
everywhere. It is up to you. You choose where love comes. You choose when to open that door. 

Peace and Love
Matt Rivers.

Brighton England. UK


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