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In Memory of all who lost their lives in New York. 9/11. 

A Tribute.

Standing there in the morning sun,
Three Forty Bobbies there as one
All very proud and left to enter,
The scared ground of the 
World Trade Centre.

For on that day we all did pray
For all lives lost a year that day.
But hope is there on Nine Eleven
As we pray for those who art in heaven.

For South Wales Police, I was one of seven
To mourn the loss of Nine Eleven.
Many lost, as our greatest heroes
We mourn their loss there at Ground Zero.

As heroes they died, at the World Trade Centre
Most knowing the risks as they did enter
Many lives saved, on that fateful day
By our rescue friends for you to pray.

We stood there whilst they read their names 
For candles flicker ember flames.
For all lives lost we will remember
On the eleventh day, every September.

 Sc 7061. David Boyce©2002

Believe in Yourself.

Achieving dreams 

Set your standards high, you deserve the best,
Try for what you want, a dream is a seed, 
and never settle for less. The seed of a tree, a tree of life.

Believe in yourself, 

And the things you can be, no matter what you choose, 
Your dreams are the window, keep a winning attitude, 
Through which you can see, And you can never lose, 
A hint of the future and the things you will be.

Think about your destination, each night when you sleep
But donít worry if you stray, youíre feeding the seed,
Because the most important thing, the seed of the tree
Is what you learnt along the way of who you will be.

Take all that you become, to be all that you can be
Soar above the clouds, and let your dreams set you free.

by Jillian Hunt.



Never let the sun set
On a bright new day
Without achieving something
Constructive on the way.

The hours are far too precious
To let them slip away
By sitting down and dreaming
Of things that should be done today

Rise up each morning gladly,
And achieve each task with cheer,
Use each moment wisely
To show others that you care.

See the golden sunrise,
See the wonder of the stars,
The beauty of the forest
And the mighty oceanís roar.

Everything around us
Has a story to unfold,
Every tiny insect,
Every little bird.

So never waste a moment
Of Godís precious day.
It only comes around but once
And quickly flies away.

By Susan Cates

Wales UK

Standing Watch.

We have one Angel standing watching above us as we sleep
another gathers up the hopes and dreams we wish to keep.

One Angel is the tiny voice that whispers in our ears
with words of love and comfort, to conquer grief and fears.

We have so many Angels with one friendship keeper too
another just to help us mend the thoughtless things we do

We have a guardian of love who protects our Destiny
and helps us with our soul mate with who we are meant to be

We have a host of Angels that keep us company
in order that we may become the best that we can be.

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