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Slaves of Reality

Slaves of Reality. Into which we make
Our sense, take's nothing from which
You need, But all from as you SEE.

Slaves of Reality into distance of Peace
We see no sense by which of that,
Is in the care of being THERE.

Peter Sullivan © 2014. Wales UK

God's Rose

I picked a rose from my garden today
Its petals were bright from the morning dew
It had such beauty like never seen
As I viewed closely, it reminded me of you

As I looked at the petals one by one
I thought I would give each one a name
The first I called heaven, it looked so innocent
Nothing I knew, could I lay to its blame

The second was curled like it was sleeping
The others were nestled as close as could be
It had the fragrance of a newborn baby
So I called it creation as it reminded me

The third was reaching like holding hands
What life in the petal I could see
"Never let go" it seemed to be whispering
So without hesitation I called it harmony

The others were close as all being one
As I looked I thought it quite odd
In all of its beauty I could only see love
I knew in my heart, my rose came from God.

Eddie Mary Roush © 1-29-2009


Lifeís Questions.

Death can make you sorrow,
It can make you dazed.
It can make you angry,
And even make you crazed.

Death hurts every body,
A daughter and a son.
Grandparents or a father,
A wife or even mum.

It Isnít just one family,
It hurts people worldwide.
It gives you grief and sorrow,
And hurts you deep inside.

We ask sometimes to them above,
Why the ones we love must go.
Itís up to us to live life fully,
And not for us to know.

David Boyce © 21 November 2004


Angels are all Around you.

Angels are all around you letting you know they are there
Giving you peace and hope and showing you how they care
Each one of them are different each one has a task to do
Helping, Teaching, Comforting. Angels are all around you.

One angel can give you healing another see you through
One will watch oríe you sleeping and wake you with the dew
The angel who is your guardian has been with you since your birth
Your companion and your friend your Stalemate here on earth.

Angels are all around you just give them a little thought
They are your celestial helpers when you are bereft and wrought
They like to laugh and cry with you they shed their healing light
Their strength and love is powerful they are Gods great holy light.

Be clear in your minds now do not be sad and blue
Wherever you may wander the angels are all around you.
The angel voices sing aloud their happiness we hear
They like to talk and play with you they like to see us free
To live our lives the way we should in Love and Harmony.

An7gels are all around you their magic light they bare
To shed their rays upon you to show you how they care
Whatever task we ask of them they do with so much glee
So let the angels into you life by Asking them you see.

Cheryl Jones-Sullivan ©2004


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