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Autumn Colours.

The autumn colours are on the trees
Greens, yellows, orange and brown
The acorns and the horse chestnuts
Will be falling to the ground

Staying there for many months
Starting to decompose
Ready for the spring time to come
So the seed inside regrows

On the trees leaves will all discolour
Then fall off, which looks so mean
But in the spring they will rejuvenate
All nice and new and green

Donít be sad when autumn comes
It is natureís way of giving birth
When the leaves and seeds fall to the ground
It is giving nutrients to the earth

David Boyce
30th October 2009
David Boyce©2009


The Bluebell Shrine.

On April day, an elusive breath filled the air and
 entering the woods I found that Spring was already there
She was painting a picture. which came alive to show
the bluebells, trees and ferns the way to grow.

Day by day, the flowers steady formed and grew
each trumpet vell trimmed with scallops hem of blue
Pirouetting with their crinolines in an old fashion dance
laughing and swaying their beauty to enhance

Each day they grew stronger and formed a carpet of blue
some bells were white, some striped with a darker hue
Bur all were protected by newly minted blade of green
which combined together to make an unforgettable scene

The crescent moon sailed high in the pale blue sky
and long silver moonbeams set out to fly
to the bluebell woods to provide the light 
so the woodland sok could sing and dance to their delight.

For few short weeks, the pageant carried on
but as Spring departed the vibrance was gone
Slowly the bluebells began to fade
and green seed capsules appeared instead

Each season gives place in an ordered fashion
so the bluebells became jaded and slept for a faction
Of orderly time in the course of Natureís season
which is the result of a cycle of perfect season.

All around the tress are donning their garments of green
and the bushes and plants of Summer bask in sunlight serene
But always my soul remembers with a sense of awe
when a mass of bluebells carpeted the woodland floor

Written by Thelma Denis.


Gods Creation.

When God had made the earth and sky
The flowers and the trees
He then made all the animals
All the birds and bees

When his work was finished
Not one was quite the same
He said ď Iíll walk this earth of mine
Iíll give each one of them a name

So he travelled land and sea
Every where he went
A little creature followed him
Until his strength was spent

When all were named upon the earth
And in the sky and sea
The little creature said ď Dear Lord ď
Thereís not one left for me.

The father smiled and softly said
Iíve left you till the end
Iíve turned my own name back to front
And called you Dog my friend.



Bedtime Prayer.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray dear Lord my soul to keep
May angels watch me through the night
And wake me in the morning light

Help me through the coming day
when Iím at my work and play.
And if I die before I wake
I pray dear lord, my soul to take

Oh blessed Lord help me to be 
A kind and happy child like thee.


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