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Leaving so much sorrow.  

Aberfan 1966

Today mark the anniversary,
Of a disaster felt worldwide,
When the small Welsh village of Aberfan,
Was covered in a landslide.

The residual coal dust from mining,
The NCB wanted to keep,
So they piled it up on a local mountainside,
On the notorious coal slag heaps.

Fifty years ago today,
This renown disaster began,
In the small mining village,
Known across the globe as Aberfan.

On that day parents took their children,
To school like every other day,
They later heard a noise like thunder,
As the coal slag heaps gave way.

Many teachers noticed the darkness,
And told the children to hide,
But the school was covered in slurry,
With children and teachers still inside.

So we all stand in harmony on this morn,
And in memory we will pray,
For all who lost their lives at Aberfan,
Leaving so much sorrow fifty years today.

Written by David Boyce
21st October 2016


One Day.

One day Iím going to do
All the things I should do.
My life has been a shell
Without doing things well

Each day I say to myself
That the one thing to do
Is shelve all the useless time
I spend on social site etc
Make life something extra

Like taking a walk and smell
Each wonder that befells
Like bluebells in the dells
Look at the sky and clouds

With pictures in my mind
Each one giving me joy
As they pass by above
My life is full of love.

One day Iíll see the beauty
Of each and everything
With a new feeling of duty
To see and feel my world sing
And enjoy what life brings.

Cheryl Jones-Sullivan


Following Footsteps

God sure has been good to help me along
He knew I could not make it on my own.
So He left me His footprints along the way
then I could follow Him all the way home.

I will follow His footprints each day I live
I can see where He has gone on before.
I will walk in the mercy and grace that He gives
He will lead me to heaven's golden shore.

When I follow His footprints I know I am safe
He will shield me from the world with His hand.
This ole earth will soon crumble and fall
but in His footprints I firmly will stand.

One day His footprints will come to an end
I will pause there His glory to see.
When the angels lead me to His glorious throne
I will thank Him for leaving His footprints for me.

Following footprints, following footprints
Jesus left them especially for me.
I can't lose my way, as I follow each day
His footprints I plainly can see.


Psalm: 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.


A Prayer In Verse

Divine and Heavenly father
Our love goes out to you tonight
Asking you shed your holy light
Upon us in our hours of sleep
I pray dear lord my soul you keep.

Be with us when we awake
While our breakfast we partake
We thank you for all you do
And being with us all day through

Our daily work we will perform
In humble service to you alone
Our deeds will show our love for thee
May they true and gentle be.

Over the hills and far away
We spread your word night and day
The heavenly trumpets sound
Heralding to all your love abound

When we are tired and full of woe
You smile on us and say ď hello ď
We do not need to feel sad and blue
When we know we have you.

Happy to share in your divine love
Getting upliftment from above
Your with us each and everyday
Not far from us, you are here to stay.

Cheryl  Jones-Sullivan


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